The 6 emotional stages of realising summer might never come

13th Jun 19 | Lifestyle

With this much rain, will we ever see any sunshine in June?

Spring weather June 10th 2019

Unless you’re lucky enough to be sunning yourself on a beach somewhere, we don’t need to give you much of a heads up about the weather. It’s unavoidable: It’s wet, grey, and doesn’t seem to be easing off.

Flooding is becoming an increasing problem, particularly in places like Nottingham and Warwickshire – which is something you might expect from February or April, but not June!?!

Nature Valley Open – Day Four – Nottingham Tennis Centre
Signs like this really rub it in (Simon Cooper/PA)

With cricket matches being washed out and shorts and t-shirts still languishing at the back of wardrobes, you might have that creeping feeling that, maybe summer won’t actually come? Maybe we’ll just miss out on the good weather this year and skip straight to a soggy autumn?

These are the stages of coming to terms with the fact we might not get the glorious summer we were hoping for…

1. Despair

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Considering what a scorcher we had last year, we were all ready to enjoy the sun as soon as June hit. Unfortunately, our well laid plans of picnics and playing football in the park until dusk are completely scuppered.

It’s hard not to fall into a pit of despair every time you look out the window, knowing you have to find something new to watch on Netflix because you won’t be going outside anytime soon.

2. Anger

Why do bad things happen to good people? We survived a grim winter and a load of political upheaval,  surely we deserve some nice weather to take our minds off everything? Unfortunately, there’s no one you can really direct this anger at, so the weather person on the TV gets a fair share of expletives thrown at them, even though it’s not their fault (and they can’t hear you).

3. Confusion

This is when your inner weather channel presenter comes out. You tirelessly pore over the Met Office predictions and any other weather service you can find, trying to decipher the rain patterns like it’s your own personal Da Vinci Code.

Unfortunately, despite how deep into the science of weather you get, it still makes no sense. This shouldn’t be happening in June, and knowing exactly how much it’s going to rain and when, isn’t going to make you feel any better when it does.

4. Resolve

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Who needs good weather to enjoy the summer? This becomes your personal mantra as the new you goes about planning all kinds of June-appropriate activities that went down a storm last year. Anyway, is it even a BBQ if you don’t end up eating soggy burgers indoors?

5. Preparation

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Now, you’re finally starting to come to terms with the truth: We’re set to have a particularly wet June, and who knows how long the rain will last. To make yourself feel better, and to help you survive the floods, it’s time for some retail therapy. We’re talking fun wellies, sassy umbrellas – anything to make you feel a bit brighter.

6. Hope

OK, maybe we’re being a bit hyperbolic – it’s only June, and surely the weather will be fine come July and August? Failing that, you start looking at flights. Maybe we’ll have better luck elsewhere, and it can’t hurt to hedge your bets…

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