The 6 emotional stages of getting through the Friday before a bank holiday weekend

24th May 19 | Lifestyle

There’s just a few thousand emails standing between you and that large glass of vino.

Is there anything more glorious than a bank holiday weekend? Three whole days to soak up the good weather, escape on a mini-break or binge on a box set at home.

Whatever your plans are, there’s one thing that we’re definitely all familiar with: the slow torture that is the Friday before the 72-hour chillfest can officially begin.

If it feels like you’re living in a slow countdown to the weekend, here are some of the stages you’ll probably relate to today…

1. Excitement

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If you thought waking up with the usual Friday feeling was good, it’s got nothing on the thrill of knowing there’s a three-day weekend on the horizon. Not even commuter delays, a bulging inbox or an annoying colleague could dampen your spirits at this point. You can quite literally smell the freedom.

2. Apathy

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Like an ‘own clothes day’ at school, there’s a sense of rebellion in the air at your workplace. You and your colleagues have already made a silent agreement that you’ll all be working at 50% capacity today, and in between looking busy, you’ll be bantering away the office hours until it’s time to go home.

3. Boredom

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The sun’s out and on your quick trip to grab a sandwich on your lunch break, you’ve already spotted a bunch of lucky people slapping on the sun cream and soaking up the rays in the park. Sadly, you’ve still got a phone conference, a bunch of filing and a good few hours of staring into space to get through. Come on weekend, we can’t wait any longer.

4. Fear

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In true holiday spirit, you’ve spent all day covertly Googling coastal destinations to escape to over the weekend, but in your haste to whittle away the hours, it’s only just dawned on you that bank holidays mean cramming five days of work into a four-day week. You quickly regret everything.

5. Acceptance

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After a minor panic, you’ve decided your fate is sealed and you’re not in the mood to deal with it right now. Yes, it might not be the mature thing to do, but you’re willing to just ignore the pressure and deal with the impending doom when you get back into work on Tuesday.

6. Relief

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People are packing up their stuff, saying their goodbyes and powering down their computers for the weekend. It was a rough road, but you’ve made it to 5pm and it’s time to forget about work, spreadsheets and office banter for a really long time. As Drake would say: Just hold on, we’re going home.

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