The 6 emotional stages of going back to work after a long bank holiday weekend

23rd Apr 19 | Lifestyle

It's time to go back to reality.

Bad news guys. After four glorious days of sunshine, it’s time for most of us to slap on the aftersun and head back into work.

If you’ve woken up this morning feeling like it all flew by in a haze of Aperol Spritz, hangovers and long lie-ins, then we don’t blame you for crying into your cereal this morning.

The first day back is always emotional; putting away the flip flops, hiding the dodgy sunburn marks and pretending like we’re all OK with the long weekend coming to an end was never going to be easy. But as Ronan Keating once sang, ‘Life is a rollercoaster, you’ve just got to ride it.’

Here are the stages many of us will relate to today…

1. Denial

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Yesterday you made a conscious decision to treat the final night of the bank holiday like there’s no tomorrow.

Instead of getting ahead on your emails, laying out your clothes for the next day and bedding down for an early night, you staunchly sat in the garden with a glass of vino and the binged on Netflix documentaries until the early hours, willing Tuesday not to come. It’s a risky strategy, but you know you won’t live to regret it…

2. Regret

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No matter how much you cancelled Tuesday in your mind, you’ve woken up this morning to your screeching phone alarm at an ungodly hour. How could you be so stupid as to prioritise five episodes of David Attenborough’s Our Planet over precious sleep?

Urgh, you regret everything. EVERYTHING.

3. Panic

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As you brush your teeth and pile on the under-eye concealer, you remember the sorry state of affairs you left your emails in during the unbridled excitement of Thursday afternoon.

The unreplied to messages, the deadlines you didn’t hit and the progress meeting that’s looming causes you to internally scream as you scramble around looking for matching socks. Then there’s the impossible task of cramming four days of work into a five day week.

This is bad. Not even coffee can solve this.

4. Sadness

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The traffic. The screaming children being dragged back into school. The angry commuters on the train. It’s enough to reduce even an optimist to tears.

You had a glorious four days at home and by the looks of Instagram, everyone else was loving it too. Why can’t the banks just permanently go on vacay?

5. Acceptance

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As you load up your computer and settle back into your morning routine, you realise that your fate is sealed. That post-heatwave snow day you were hoping for is not coming. Nor is the fire drill or the office power cut.

It’s time to accept that the weekend is over and mentally move on. The Easter holidays are already a fading, vintage memory in your mind.

6. Hope

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As you stare bleakly into your work calendar you realise, with a glimmer of hope, that it’s only two more weeks until the next bank holiday weekend, in fact, there are two next month. Perhaps things aren’t so bad after all.

Even with a throbbing headache and a to-do list the size of a Tolstoy novel, you manage to power through your workload – and it’s the thought of another long weekend that’s pulling you through. Don’t worry guys, we’ve totally got this.

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