Tried and tested: Here's our verdict on the new Subway vegan sandwich and salad

17th Apr 19 | Lifestyle

Vegans just got more choice when it comes to lunch.


No longer will vegans have to hungrily cobble together a meal out of the existing Subway menu.

Previously, if you were canny, you could order the Veggie Delite sub minus any dairy or meat products, but vegans weren’t directly catered for at the sandwich chain – finally, they now are.

The chain has launched their new Vegan Sub and Salad today, nationwide, which should be encouraging for anyone who is already reliant on the Greggs vegan sausage roll.

Vegan Subway salad (Subway/PA)
Vegan Subway salad (Subway/PA)

So what’s in it?

We’re told the vegan patty “is bursting with the vibrant flavours of tasty red pepper, spicy chilli, garlic and red onion,” but you’ll  also spot the odd whole pea, and slivers of carrot. The bun is also topped up with fresh raw tomato, cucumber, red onion and iceberg lettuce.

Does it come with anything on the side?

There’s a dip, Subway’s new vegan garlic aioli.

Do they do anything else vegan already?

Subway’s hash browns are happily vegan-friendly, as are most of their sauces, and their ‘Italian’ and ‘Hearty Italian’ breads.

Subway's new vegan sub offering (Ella Walker/PA)
Subway’s new vegan sub offering (Ella Walker/PA)

Our verdict:

It’s nice to see actual, identifiable bits of veg in the patty, however, it’s very thin (it feels thinner than your average meat burger patty). It means that, on first bite, you can’t quite tell it’s there.

In fact, you’re bamboozled by all the fresh salad stuffed inside the bun, however, a few bites in and the spicy (but not too spicy) heat of the chilli and garlic begin to come through.

One reviewer did note: “It’s a bit dry, it could do with being slathered with some of the usual subway sauces.” Dunking it in the vegan garlic aioli does help though, and you’d have no idea the dip was vegan, it tastes identical to normal mayo.

The vegan patty by Subway (Ella Walker/PA)
The vegan patty by Subway (Ella Walker/PA)

If ordering in store, we’d also add a few more veggies, like sweetcorn and olives, and probably some jalapenos to up the spiciness and tang.

A good first foray into vegan options, but something a little heftier would be welcome too. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the range.

The new Vegan Sub and Salad launches nationwide April 17. Prices start from £3.80 for the Vegan Sub.

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