As it's found they're helping cut carbon emissions - how to support your local food bank

25th Mar 19 | Lifestyle

One more reason to get involved to help beat food poverty.

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Tackling hunger at home and abroad can seem like a never ending struggle. Especially when it’s a conundrum that doesn’t seem to add up: How can 800 million people across the planet be going hungry, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, when a third of all food is wasted?
Why have we not yet come up with a global solution, where that wasted food goes to those who need it?

Of course, it’s not as simple an equation as it first seems, but we can all do our bit to address the problem, and according to a new report, food banks offer a double whammy opportunity – to support those in food poverty, and help cut carbon emissions.

The report from the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), has found that its network of food banks (which are used by 62.5 million people around the world, saving around 2.68 million metric tons of edible food from going in the bin), are helping to reduce an estimated 10.54 billion kg of CO2 emissions a year, according to Business Green.

Want to contribute? Here’s how you can support your local food bank, and in turn, cut food waste and help the environment…


Got a spare hour or two each week that you could use to volunteer? The Trussell Trust is always looking for people to help, whether that’s sorting stock in their warehouses, working in food bank centres making tea, meals, and handing out food, and there are admin positions too. Really keen and noticed there isn’t a food bank in your area? The Trust can even support and train you to set one up.


You might not be able to commit a chunk of time each week to a food bank, but a bake sale at work, a sponsored run or charity skydive in aid of one might be something you could do instead.


Monetary donations are always welcome, but you can also donate food supplies, as well as non-food items, like sanitary products and toiletries. Get in touch first to see what your nearest food bank is in need of (they might be inundated with canned food, but short on body wash for instance), or add to food bank collection points in supermarkets.

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