As more 30-somethings leave cities - 11 things you only know if you're an urbanite in the country

18th Mar 19 | Lifestyle

The good, the bad, and the muddy.

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There are sometimes strict battle-lines drawn between city-dwellers and their rural counterparts. Loyalists from both sides will contend that the other is ‘out of touch’, isolated from the realities of life, whether in the city or the country.

But thousands of urban 30-somethings are now crossing the divide, as new figures confirm the average age to move from the metropolis (it was 40) has dropped by 11 years in the last decade.

With so many more people embracing rural life, here’s a few things they will – or at least should – know.

1. The sky is pretty spectacular

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No more will aeroplanes form the bulk of your cosmic company. Away from the light and pollution of the metropolis, the night sky reveals once more its dazzling array of constellations and shimmering stars.

On the flip side, an unlit country lane attains a level of void-like darkness not seen in even the most secluded urban park.

2. Wave goodbye to takeaways

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What’s that, you want Wagamama’s delivered direct to your door? Think again.

3. Your shoe collection is grossly unprepared

Stow the sneakers, put away the plimsolls and leave loafers for your living room – it’s time to embrace the way of the welly.

4. You may need to learn to drive

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What do you mean neither of the bus routes run after 8pm?

5. But you must resist the temptation to drink and drive

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We know, we know. You’ve had a pint and a half, you’ll be driving down deserted country lanes, and you don’t want to walk home in the dark and then trek back to town in the morning.

We don’t care. It’s illegal. Do not do it.

6. You’ll see people out of context

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We’re talking teachers out of school, your boss down the pub, and all of your exes at the village fete.

7. The internet is sketchy

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The farmer down the road can somehow watch Netflix in his barn, but Prime won’t load in your living room.

8. The air tastes better

This is absolutely not a myth, and you’ll only realise what foul smog envelops cities when you’ve had a prolonged taste of the good stuff.

9. Private property rarely looks like private property

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Scots, you’re off the hook – Scotland has ‘freedom to roam’ rights – but for the rest of us, that lush, inviting field could be the property of the stroppiest farmer this side of Chicken Run.

10. You have a whole new range of excuses

“I got stuck behind a tractor,” is a completely valid reason for being late to work, and, “The dog ate my homework,” is not only plausible – it’s now likely.

11. There are animals, and they may attack you

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Cows, sheep, and particularly geese will charge with no apparent provocation. We don’t care if they’re ‘just trying to play’, kindly relinquish our backpacks.

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