Lady Gaga splits with fiancé Christian Carino: Here's how to navigate a broken engagement

21st Feb 19 | Lifestyle

It can feel a lot more public than the breakdown of a relationship.

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Lady Gaga has broken up with her fiancé Christian Carino.

The couple began dating in 2017, but rumours of their split started flying around after Gaga didn’t wear her engagement ring to the Grammys on February 10, and didn’t thank Carino in her acceptance speech for best pop duo or group performance.

The break-up has been confirmed to PEOPLE, with an insider saying: “It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end.”

Navigating the end of an engagement is arguably more complicated than a relationship breaking up – there’s something so public about it, and in some ways it can seem harder to untangle yourself.

With this in mind, we spoke to psychotherapist Toby Ingham for his tips on how to navigate the aftermath of calling off an engagement.

Accept the relationship is over

“It might take time to get over it, but you will. Try to stick to the decision, as it can be tempting to be drawn back into the relationship, but try to resist going back into something you know doesn’t work.”

Give yourself time to heal

“Don’t rush into other relationships too quickly or throw yourself back into the dating world. You will need time to reflect on your feelings and figure out what you want or don’t want from your next relationship.”

Brace yourself for other people’s reactions

“Be prepared that family and friends may be disappointed. And that is something you need to manage as well. This is a personal matter, people may have all kinds of ideas about it, but only you know what has happened. Try not to get caught up in other people’s ideas and projections.

“Ending an engagement can feel so much more public because everyone knows you planned on getting married. Expect people to ask questions, but remember you don’t need them to approve of your decision. People may comment on it or have an opinion, but it’s your life.”

Lay low for a bit

“Although everyone may have an opinion today, soon they will be drawn to other issues, so just lay low for a bit. The less said the better. You can speak about it in time when the high emotions and intensity have cooled down.”

Try to channel your feelings in a healthy way

“In many ways, a break-up is like bereavement, a very painful experience. You may feel sadness, upset and anger. Try to avoid ‘acting out’ doing something destructive and impulsive, driven in an attempt to avoid painful feelings, and allow yourself to go through the motions.”

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Speak to someone

“It might help to speak with a trusted friend or confidante. A psychotherapist might be a useful and confidential person to speak with, as you will be able to unfold your feelings in a safe, non-judgemental environment, which will help you become more confident in your decision.”

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