Can a fitness tracker really monitor your stress?

4th Feb 19 | Lifestyle

Claire Spreadbury tests out the Bellabeat Leaf Chakra.


There are so many fitness trackers on the market, it’s hard to keep up. Almost all of us who have an active lifestyle – and even those who don’t – can be seen sporting watches and bands, which are busy logging our steps, activity and sleep.

But when we heard about Bellabeat’s Leaf Chakra, which calls itself a wellbeing tracker, we really liked the sound of it…

What does it look like?

Bellabeat's Leaf Chakra

The Leaf Chakra is a leaf-shaped pendant containing a certified natural rose quartz crystal, which looks like a nice piece of jewellery. It comes with a chain so you can wear it as a short or long necklace, or you can clip it to your clothing, though that’s more difficult.

What does it do?

Working in conjunction with the Bellabeat app, it tracks your steps, exercise, sleep, meditation, reproductive health, and stress, while also acting as an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

What did we like?

woman wearing the Leaf tracker

The Leaf looks lovely. No one would know it’s an activity tracker as it looks just like jewellery. We love the idea of it being a wellbeing tracker, the fact it’s water resistant and has a battery which lasts six months, so there’s no need to charge it up all the time – a welcome change to the rest of our tech.

What could be better?

The tracker very much relies on you inputting information. So it doesn’t always detect when you’re doing exercise, but you can log in to the app, add what form of fitness you’ve done and for how long for.

The same goes for meditation sessions, period tracking and glasses of water you have drunk. It monitors your stress resistance, which appears to be based on how much sleep, exercise and meditation you’ve done. This is all well and good, if you’re happy to be the instigator, but if you’re after a piece of kit that does the work for you, this might not be it.

What else do we know?

You are supposed to ‘charge’ your crystal with positive energy by placing it in the light of the full or crescent moon for seven hours. Some people will love this, others will think it’s crazy.

The Leaf Chakra costs £129.99 and is available from John Lewis ( If you’re happy to get involved, this is a pretty piece of tech, but if you’re hoping – like we were – that it might buzz when it detects you’ve got too much work on and you need to go for a walk, you might be expecting too much.

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