Why it's so incredible this bridal shop is representing disabled people in its window

10th Jan 19 | Lifestyle

Twitter is absolutely loving this display.

Wedding dress

We’re seeing a huge push for diversity across the fashion industry, but there’s one space which hasn’t experienced much change: Wedding dresses.

If you go to a bridal shop, the mannequins all tend to be white, slim and able bodied. If you’re someone who doesn’t fit into these categories, what should be a positive and exciting experience can become something much more disheartening.

That’s what makes this display so refreshing:

Walking past a shop called The White Collection in North Somerset, artist Beth Wilson noticed a wedding dress was being modelled by a mannequin in a wheelchair. An unusual sight, it’s really resonating with people on Twitter.

Not only is it hitting people in the feels, but they can’t help but note how badass the mannequin looks.

Now, people are calling for a bit more inclusivity in the world of wedding dresses…

It’s also encouraged women with disabilities to share photos of themselves, either in their bridal gowns or attending weddings, and that’s getting a whole lot of love as well.

According to Disabled World, 1.9% of the UK population uses a wheelchair. That’s a lot of people who might potentially want to shop for a wedding dress – seeing themselves represented in the shop window would be a hugely powerful thing.

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