6 of the WEIRDEST flavour combinations supermarkets are trying for Christmas

13th Dec 18 | Lifestyle

Anyone for a cup of pigs in blankets-flavoured tea or some mulled wine cheese?

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts horizontal shot

Christmas is a time for traditional food – every year without fail you’ll have your fair share of mince pies, roast turkey and Brussels sprouts.

Even though there are the key festive staples, supermarkets are increasingly keen on creating bizarre hybrids for us to try. December is when you’ll see a whole lot of food-related Frankenstein’s monsters – everything from nibbles to sides and even the cheeseboard aren’t safe from being “Christmas-ified”.

If you’re bored of the classics, maybe you should head to the shops and start mixing up your festive food game – here are some of the outrageous combinations you can pick up this year.

1. Marmite sprouts

Marmite: You either love it or you hate it, and the same school of thought can be applied to Brussels sprouts. Combining the two will probably mean you’ll really, really love it – or absolutely loathe the dish.

This particular festive innovation comes courtesy of Iceland, which says the Marmite “draws out the natural sweetness of the Brussels sprouts, while suppressing some of their bitterness”.

You can nab a bag for £1.50.

2. Prosecco crisps

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Even though Prosecco-flavoured crisps might seem like a bizarre combination  (seriously, how do you make them taste like fizz?), it’s actually a bandwagon lots of stores have been jumping onto.

M&S has mixed its flavours with winter berries (for £2), and Pringles has gone for the accompaniment of pink peppercorn (which you can get for £1.12 from Tesco). It would be interesting to see if the “if you pop you can’t stop” ethos applies to Pringles that are fizz-flavoured.

3. Pigs in blankets tea

That’s right folks, Sainsbury’s has decided your daily cup of tea wasn’t quite festive enough so needed to be flavoured with pigs in blankets. It doesn’t sound hugely appealing, but oddly enough it’s actually suitable for vegans – it’s a lapsang souchong blend with apple pieces along with sage and rosemary flavourings.

If you really wanted to try this combo, sadly it’s sold out online but you can scour the supermarket shelves for your pork-like beverage.

4. G&T cocktail sausages

Christmas is always a boozy affair, so we’re not sure we need even more alcohol in our food. However, if just drinking your gin and tonic wasn’t enough you could double up and eat it with Edwards of Conwy’s G&T-flavoured cocktail sausages (£3) at Ocado.

5. Mulled wine Wensleydale

Wensleydale and cranberry is already quite a festive combination, but Lidl really wanted to crank things up a notch by infusing the berries with mulled wine (£1.99). Best paired with – you guessed it, a glass of warm winter punch.

6. Christmas tree flavour crisps

This year Iceland is trying to convince us that “Christmas tree” is a flavour and has started infusing it into crisps. Hopefully it doesn’t taste like bark or needles – apparently this flavour comes from “pine salt”. That doesn’t make it much clearer as to what it’ll actually taste like, so we’ll probably just have to try it to find out (from Iceland for £1)

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