This is why you should DEFINITELY water your Christmas tree

7th Dec 18 | Lifestyle

A roaring fire might be festive and merry, but you want to keep it in the fireplace - not your living room.

Festive Living Room

Everyone knows you have to regularly water plants to keep them alive, and yet, few of us would consider giving our Christmas tree the same treatment. Why would we – it’s already dead, and only going to be in the house for a month, right?

Well, it turns out you should keep your Christmas tree as well-watered as your favourite fern. This is because an unwatered tree can dry out, and will go up in flames significantly quicker than one that’s hydrated. And considering they’re draped in strings of festive lights we only dig out once a year, starting a small electrical fire isn’t out of the realms of possibility.

To minimise this hazard, all you have to do is add water to your tree stand every day. Not convinced? Take a look at this footage released by the American National Fire Protection Association…


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