Things you only know if kitchen gadgets make you crazy

8th Nov 18 | Lifestyle

You're not the only one who finds blenders and the likes utterly nightmarish...

Woman with overflowing blender

If the second a recipe calls for a certain gadget, you hold up your hands and call for pizza, we feel your pain.

Here’s a few other things that go through your mind if you and your kitchen gadgets don’t get along…

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No matter how careful you are, you always slice your fingers open on the detachable blades of your whizzer – first when you’re trying to assemble the thing, and second when you attempt washing it up.

At least twice a year, guaranteed, you will forget to put the lid on the blender, and your homemade soup you’d so lovingly prepared hits the walls.

There is no need to use a spiralizer, ever. Courgette should be sliced, not twizzled into ribbons. No one will convince you otherwise.

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The person who started putting ring pulls on tinned tomatoes and beans is a personal hero of yours. Just the thought of trying to wrangle with the can opener puts you off eating dinner at all.

KitchenAids always look so stylish and professional, but you know for a fact you’d get your hair caught on the dough hook and find yourself scalp-deep in batter.

You’ve tried with breadmakers, numerous times, but every loaf that comes out of the machine is flat, tough, and sodden with despair.

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Slow cookers are such a good idea, everyone tells you. Just pop everything in, switch it on, go to work and ta-da – you’ll come home to a perfectly cooked supper! Or in your case, burnt, congealed stew, the smell of which lingers in your kitchen for weeks.

Rice cookers sound ingenious, but with your track record, you’d rather rely on the pros at your local Indian takeaway. Mmm, perfectly fried mushroom rice…

Even people who genuinely love you will not allow you anywhere near a deep-fat fryer.

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Electric potato mashers make absolutely no sense to you – what’s wrong with the old fashioned hand-held version, complete with half a tonne of butter?!

You can just about handle the microwave, but you’d very much rather not…

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