Things you only know if you make a packed lunch every single day

21st Sep 18 | Lifestyle

There's a fine line between smugness and envy involved...

Lunch box consisting of wholegrain cheese sandwich, fruit, cherry tomatoes

Lunchtime can be tricky for workers. It tends to fall into two categories: An endless parade of shop-bought sandwiches, or eking out leftovers from the night before.

And if you pack your own rather than eating out (or nipping to the nearest coffee shop), yes you can feel oh so smug, but it’s not always a delicious money-saving effort…

It’s really easy to end up eating a cheese, cucumber and salad cream bagel every single day, on repeat, because that’s what’s in the fridge.

If you’re on an early shift at work, it means having to make your packed lunch the night before, which is just incredibly depressing.

You genuinely do save loads of money. Daily £4.50 Pret baguettes add up over a month, even if they are amazing…

The ultimate dream is having leftover chicken from a roast on Sunday, so you have a homemade roast chicken sandwich to scoff come Monday.

Nothing makes you feel smugger than unpacking a slab of leftover lasagne, while everyone else eats limp supermarket sandwiches.

You start every week planning to make a huge batch of avocado salad, but always end up forgetting and falling back on cheese sandwiches and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.

When you track down the person who turns the shared office fridge temperature down so low that your ham roll ends up frozen and stuck to the shelf, they are going to regret ever going anywhere near your lunch.

You can now really sympathise with your mum/dad/grandparent/chief school packed lunch maker in your house growing up. You feel their pain.

Sometimes you walk past Wagamama or Nando’s and feel yourself tearing up at the idea of a hot meal that comes on a plate, rather than in Tupperware.

Your Tupperware cupboard is exploding with containers. The daily mission is to find a tub with sealable clasps, rather than a plastic tray from the Chinese takeway that’s got a slick of sweet and sour sauce on it that you still can’t get rid of.

The smell of the market falafel stall you walk by on your lunch break is your actual kryptonite.

You spend half your life staring at the office microwave waiting for the ‘ding’.

Being virtuous at lunchtime means you don’t feel quite so bad spending ALL your cash on eating out for dinner.

Meal prepping Sundays might be a thing on Instagram, but not in your house.

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