Take a look at some of the incredible street art taking over this picturesque Swiss town

13th Sep 18 | Lifestyle

This festival is just about as surreal as you can get, complete with giant photograph of a whale floating over Paris.

Switzerland Streetart

If you’ve heard of the Swiss town of Vevey, it might be because it’s the home of Nestlé and the place where milk chocolate was invented. Or maybe because it’s where Charlie Chaplin lived for over 20 years before his death – but how much do you know about the town’s art scene?

Well, Vevey is gaining a reputation for being one of the most exciting places for street art, thanks to it’s biennale of visual arts called Festival Images Vevey.

It might not have quite the same reputation as similar events in Venice or Miami’s, but Vevey’s biennale shouldn’t be underestimated – here’s everything you need to know about the event.

The setting

Vevey is nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, with mountains looming in the background, so it couldn’t be a more perfect place to show off some art.

In recent years, Vevey has built up a reputation as a ‘city of images’ and the festival solidifies this.

The art

Even though the most striking pieces are arguably outdoors, it’s not all about street art. The city – both indoors and outdoors – is scattered a collection of 61 eclectic pieces.

Each year has a specific theme, and this time around it’s ‘Extravaganza. Out of the Ordinary.’ With such a name, you can be sure the art is fantastical and surreal.

It’s the kind of art that makes you double-take – take the Jun Ahn’s work, whose self-portrait series shows giant photographs of herself teetering in dangerous places and at dizzying heights – it can really take your breath away.

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A lot of these works lean heavily on optical illusions and deception – just like Olivier Lovey’s photographic installation in an old colannaded portico, which shows a deceptively detailed scene.

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Daido Moriyama’s striking creation greets any visitor to Vevey coming by train, giving you a taste of things to come. The photograph of a whale takes over the entire side of a building, but not just any whale – it’s floating serenely over the Parisian skyline.

Curating the whole project was no mean feat – it includes 61 pieces from 58 artists both new and more established, all from 19 countries. Even though there’s a theme tying everything together, the sheer variety of the art is impressive.

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The details

The festival is free of charge – all you have to do is wander around the town and see how much art you can spot.

It will run until September 30.

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