Get the Love Island look - from Wes' washboard abs and Georgia's pert posterior

16th Jul 18 | Lifestyle

Liz Connor reveals top sculpting tips from nutrition and fitness experts.

We’re addicted to Love Island or many reasons: Alex’s terrible chat up lines, muggy Megan’s boy dilemmas and Jack and Dani’s blossoming romance. But if you’re obsessed with this year’s show, you probably also have a serious dose of body envy.

If you regularly watch the bronzed gods and goddesses of the villa and think, ‘I’m definitely going to the gym tomorrow’, you’re not the only one; body confidence reports by the Social Issues Research Centre show that almost 80% of us are unhappy with our bodies. While the biggest influence on the way we feel as we strut our stuff on the beach is our own confidence, there are some simple fitness and nutrition tips we can use to help us feel strong and healthy on the inside, and out.

We asked health and fitness experts take a look at the Islanders’ best bits, and give their tips for feeling fabulous by the poolside this summer.

Samira’s dancer’s shoulders

You’ll be happy to know that even with light weights, your shoulders and arms will be one of the first places you see a positive difference in your shape. And you don’t need to splash out on expensive gym gear either; tins of vegetables and water bottles can help start you off and get your arms used to lifting, before you move onto dumbbells.

You can’t out-train a bad diet though, warns registered dietician Laura Coster: “Ensuring you eat enough foods rich in iron, zinc and selenium each day can also help to keep your metabolism healthy.

“These minerals are required to support the proper function of the thyroid gland, which has a key role in regulating metabolism.” Good food sources include meat, seafood, legumes, nuts and seeds. Supplementation shouldn’t be necessary, but if in doubt, Coster says to always speak with your GP or a registered dietician, as it can sometimes be harmful.

Laura’s athletic legs

Coster says there’s no simple shortcut to this Love Island figure. “You’re not going to like it, but an easy way to get those leg muscles working is to boycott all lifts and escalators and take the stairs.

“A person who weighs 175 pounds (12.5 stone) burns about 21 calories during a two-minute stair climb, compared with just two calories on a 60-second lift ride. This may not seem much, but if you climb the stairs several times a day, it’s easy to burn an extra 100 bonus calories.”

Georgia’s pert posterior

The key to getting buns of steel is all in bum-blasting exercises. Try incorporating a morning workout routine that involves squats, bridges and lunges – you can up the intensity by holding medium-sized kettlebells or dumbbells in each hand.

Coster explains: “Even if you’re eating right and putting in those hours at the gym, the buttocks can be one of the hardest muscles to tone.

“If you’re still struggling to shift the inches, you could try a meal replacement shake, like the ones from XLS-Nutrition (, which make a great addition to a calorie-controlled diet.”

Adam’s toned arms


Lockdown week before Love Island 👊🏼

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A personal trainer on the outside, Adam has spent the past month showcasing his impressive biceps, but which moves will get you the same results?

Celebrity Personal Trainer Lonan O’Herlihy (@theposhPT) says: “It is possible to achieve toned arms in just one month. For this, I recommend barbell curls, dumbbell curls and tricep pushdowns.

I always include these in my personal arm workouts and see results really quickly. Do this at least twice a week and do 12 or more sets of each to really see fast results. If you’re looking for a challenge, try to superset some of the rounds to really push yourself as far as possible; superset means alternating sets of two different exercises with no rest in between.”

And if, unlike the villa, you don’t have a personal gym in your back garden, how can you get Adam’s arms at home?

“You don’t need a gym! When I first started training, I was very uncomfortable in the gym, so I actually spent my first six months training entirely from home and it worked very well.

“Try doing standard pushups and tricep dips off a chair and, to make sure you’re hitting all the muscles in the arm, mix up your routine with bicep curls and hammer curls.”

Wes’ washboard abs

O’Herlihy reveals: “The best exercise to achieve abs is the hanging windscreen wiper; hold onto bars above your head, bring your knees to your chest and slowly rotate side-to-side. However, this is quite advanced, so other ab exercises I advise my clients to do are flutter kicks, scissor kicks and bicycles. Do each of these for one minute, with no rest, to make sure all parts are the abs are hit. It’s very tough, but will pay off.

“If you do find yourself lacking in energy and struggling to make that last workout of the week, don’t turn to quick energy fixes, such as caffeine or sugary drinks, as these will hinder physical results. I recommend a supplement called Kaneka Ubiquinol; it’s produced naturally in the body, and provides sustained, long-term energy which will also help improve your physical results, because it helps to rebuild and recover muscle.”

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