These 5 award-winning garden photos will inspire you to get out your camera

17th Jul 18 | Lifestyle

As entries open for the 2019 RHS photographic competition, Hannah Stephenson finds out why judges chose this year's winners.

If you think your garden and plant photography is up to competition level, you might want to consider entering some of your shots in the 2019 RHS photographic competition, which has just opened.

The winners of this year’s event have just been announced and their photos, which will be on show simultaneously at all four RHS gardens from August 15 through September, should inspire budding photographers nationwide to hone their camera skills.

Here are five of the winning pictures and comments from the judges explaining why they won.

1. Overall adult winner and winner of Welcoming Garden Wildlife category – Kristina Zvinakeviciute

Overall winner Kristina Zvinakeviciute (Kristina Zvinakeviciute/PA)
Kristina Zvinakeviciute’s picture, entitled  ‘One’ (Kristina Zvinakeviciute/PA)

Andrea Jones, expert garden photographer and judge, says:  “Kristina Zvinakeviciute’s image epitomises composition and quality of light, as well as being quick-minded to capture the movement of a living subject.

“The gentle light highlights the delicacy and colour of the grasses. The little soldier beetle is well captured and uncannily compliments the tones of the textured grasses, which are softened with a skilful use of depth of field.”

2. Overall young winner and Under 11 winner – Indigo Larmour

'Am I camouflaged?' by Indigo Larmour (Indigo Larmour/PA)
‘Am I camouflaged?’ by Indigo Larmour (Indigo Larmour/PA)

Chris Young, chairman of the judging panel, says: “The title of this photograph is ‘Am I camouflaged?’ and how apt that is. The grasshopper is well hidden in the leaves of this plant, but the photographer’s eye manages to have the skill to pick it out and make it centre stage to the image. A great, uplifting photo.”

3. Winner of the Abstract and Details category – Damjan Voglar

Winner of the Abstract and Details category Damjan Voglar, with a photograph entitled 'Nipple' (Damjan Voglar/PA)
Damjan Voglar’s photograph entitled ‘Nipple’ (Damjan Voglar/PA)

Chris Young explains: “Sometimes it takes a different way of seeing things to make an amazing photo, and this is a case in point. The close-up detail of a leaf spine of succulent Agave americana has been zoomed in on, made vertical and conjures up a very different image. Arresting and beautiful, but also rather challenging.”

4. Celebrating Gardens category winner – Marianne Majerus

The Soft Hues of Autumn at RHS Wisley by Marianne Majerus wins the Celebrating Gardens category (Marianne Majerus/PA)
The Soft Hues of Autumn at RHS Wisley by Marianne Majerus (Marianne Majerus/PA)

Chris Young says: “Autumn is a great time for photography in any garden, with different textures, colours, views and contrast being played out as the seasons change.

“It was especially enjoyable to see all of this come together in an image of the planting by garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith beside The Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley, featuring miscanthus grass, pillars of carpinus, fiery colours from a young Prunus ‘Shogetsu’ and golden tints from mature oaks.”

5. Winner of the Social Media category – Paula Cooper

Winner of the Social Media category with 'Snow Showers', Paula Cooper (Paula Cooper/PA)
Paula Cooper’s image ‘Snow Showers’ (Paula Cooper/PA)

Chris Young observes: “Some images are just so atmospheric and this is no exception – you can almost feel the cold and movement in the air from this woodland in Norfolk.

“For me, the real success is the simple tonal palette the photographer has used, and the tree taking centre stage – tree, snow, leaves and a photograph.”

The team of judges deliberated over more than 10,000 entries, choosing 24 participants to be awarded from the overall prize fund of £10,000.

For details on how to enter the 2019 competition, which closes on March 1, visit the RHS  at

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