What you need to know about the beer that's being made for breast cancer patients

11th Jul 18 | Lifestyle

Combatting the nasty effects chemotherapy has on the taste buds, non-alcoholic Mumma Beer allows chemo patients to enjoy drinking again.

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For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can feel like there’s an endless list of things they can’t do while the rest of the world can.

And, while experiencing fatigue, hair loss, nausea, and other horrible side effects, chemo patients often experience detrimental effects to their taste buds. Eating and drinking can be accompanied by a nasty, bitter aftertaste – some people describe it as almost metallic.

But for Czech Republican Jana Drexlerova, who underwent chemo in 2011, not being able to enjoy a cold pint of beer was just one step too far. CEO of the Prague-based breast cancer advocacy group Mamma HELP, Drexlerova set her sights on developing a chemo-friendly beer, following the success of a pink lager they produced in 1999 to raise money for the cause.

And so, Mamma Beer came to life.

What is Mamma Beer?

Mamma Beer is a non-alcoholic beer rich in nutrients, which can be enjoyed by chemo patients who, because of their treatment, find it hard to enjoy the taste of regular beer.

Why have they developed it?

Fortified with potassium and vitamin B, this alcohol-free beer offers nutrients a chemo patient is likely to be lacking, if they are not eating so well during their treatment.

Speaking to the Metro, Drexlerova says that she “wanted the beer to boost nutrition and improve health during treatment.

“It was also important for me to give these women back a sense of normalcy in their lives.”

Další várku pivka Mamma BEER už máme ve sklepě😊 Děkujeme @zatecky_pivovar . A kdy můžete ochutnat? Třeba na Parukářce na Žižkovském pivobraní – 1. a 2. 6. v Praze. Koupí piva přispějete na provoz našich Mamma HELP center. Nebo pokud máte někoho ve svém okolí, kdo se léčí, určitě dárek v podobě piva ocení. Mamma BEER si zachovává všechny pozitivní vlastnosti klasického piva (jako je obsah živin, vitamínu B nebo draslíku), ale je bez alkoholu. A co je nejdůležitější, má sladkou chuť – vyvinutou speciálně pro potlačení negativních účinků chemoterapie. Chemoterapie je agresivní léčba, která mimo jiné oslabuje organismus, způsobuje nevolnosti a pacientkám často mění chuťovou senzoriku. Více o pivu naleznete na http://www.mammahelp.cz/projekty/mamma-beer/ #rakovinaprsu#pomahame#mammahelp#pomahamepacientkamsrakovinouprsu#chemoterapie#zateckypivovar#pivo#nealkopivo#pomahamezenam#milujemepivo#mammabeer#pivovarzatec#dekujemezapomoc#zateckypivovar

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Who is it for?

Although aimed at people undergoing chemo, the beer is by no means exclusive to cancer patients. Producing and selling the beer supports Mamma HELP, and also raises awareness of what chemo patients go through.

Speaking to AdWeek, cancer survivor and co-producer of Mamma Beer, Tereza Sverakova, said: “Doctors often recommended drinking beer, in moderation, to get some nutrition and vitamins.”

Sverakova describes it as “a beer that would help counter this side effect of chemo and promote Mamma HELP at the same time.”

What does it taste like?

When speaking to the Metro, Drexlerova described the beer as sweet and fruity, with “a tangy finish that’s halfway between a cider and a beer.”

By adding apple juice, the balance of flavours is said to counteract that nasty metallic aftertaste that chemo patients so often experience.

Where is it available?

Produced at Zatec, a brewery 40 miles north of Prague, the beer is currently stocked in the US but is not yet available in the UK.

For more information on Mamma Beer, visit Mamma HELP.

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