Ronaldo is moving to Juventus: Here's what he should do when he gets to Turin

11th Jul 18 | Lifestyle

The Italian city is the birthplace of everything from Fiat to the slow food movement.

Cityscape of Torino (Turin, Italy) at sunrise

It’s officially the end of an era – Cristiano Ronaldo is transferring from Real Madrid to Juventus.

This is far more than a simple move – the deal is worth €112m (£99.2m). Not only this, but Ronaldo has been such an influential part of the top Spanish club for the past nine years that the move will be a big adjustment for the footballing world.

The switch also means a big personal change for Ronaldo, as he uproots his family from Madrid to Turin, where the Juventus team is based.

He’ll have to bid tapas and paella farewell, for a start, and get ready to indulge in some pizza and pasta instead – if his undoubtedly very strict training regime diet will allow that, of course!

So what else can Ronaldo expect from his new hometown?

We’ve put together a list of a few things for Ronaldo to see and do in Turin, to help him get a feel for the Italian city…

What he should eat…

Lunch in Torino

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Turin is in the region of Piedmont, which is where the slow food movement was born. This essentially involves enjoying meals that are long, luxurious and have a focus on local and fresh produce.

This isn’t the kind of dinner Ronaldo should pop to before training – he’ll need to dedicate a whole lot of time for meals like this. Ronaldo could do worse than head to one of the city’s oldest restaurants, Porto di Savona, which was opened in 1863 and serves classic Italian dishes like black truffle risotto and homemade agnolotti.


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If he’s looking for a more informal bite to eat, Ronaldo should try Turin’s signature take on Italy’s favourite dish: pizza al tegamino. This literally means ‘pizza in the pan’ and is just that – the dough is cooked in an oiled baking pan, making for a much thicker and crispier base.

As it’s a speciality of the region, he should able to find it in any pizza place around the football stadium.

Where he should drink…

Just because Ronaldo is a world-class athlete, doesn’t mean he can’t let loose every once in a while. Now that he’s going to be living in Italy, he should really start to enjoy the country’s tradition for aperitivo – a cheeky drink before dinner.

If it’s a classy drink Ronaldo is looking for, he should try La Drogheria – an incredibly stylish bar with a gorgeous portico overlooking the Piazza Vittorio. What better place to settle down with an Aperol Spritz after a hard day of training?

What he should see…

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As Ronaldo has shown himself to be a fan of fancy cars on Instagram, he will definitely love Turin’s historic ties with the automobile industry.

Turin is the home of one of Italy’s most famous exports – the Fiat. These cars used to be made in the Lingotto Factory, which is now a public entertainment space, with shops, theatres, art galleries and more. However, the bit that will probably interest Ronaldo most is the rooftop test track, which was actually featured in the original 1969 version of The Italian Job starring Michael Caine.

Not only is the whole building and rooftop a masterclass in architecture, but you can also see some incredibly cute Fiat cars there.

If Ronaldo wants to learn more about cars in Turin, the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile will tell him everything he wants to know. Not only this, but he’ll be able to ogle some pretty cool vintage Ferraris there too.

museo dell’automobile 🚘 #tb

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Where he should shop…

It’s not yet been revealed what Ronaldo’s salary at Juventus will be, but considering the transfer deal is worth £99.2m, there’s no doubt it’s going to be eye-watering.

With all this money to burn, the Portuguese footballer might be keen to know about the best places to shop in his new hometown.

If he’s into shopping for antiques and perusing swanky vintage stores, Ronaldo should make a beeline for the stylish area of Aurora. The Via Borgo Dora is particularly worth a wander, as it’s full of charming shops and plenty of opportunities for Ronaldo to purchase items for his new house.

Where he should drink in some views…

What better way to get a feel for a new city than by seeing it from above? The best place for this in Turin is the Mole Antonelliana – the city’s iconic spire. The building itself houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, and has a perfect viewing platform at the top.

Not only can you see the whole city mapped out around you, but it also gives an incredible view the Alps, which loom around Turin. Admission to the panoramic lift up to the platform costs €8 (£7), but you can combine it with a trip to the museum itself for €15 (£13).

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