What does your spaghetti-eating style say about you?

24th Jun 18 | Lifestyle

Whether you cut, suck or twizzle your pasta, it reveals an awful lot more than you might think...

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It’s hailed as one of the worst first-date foods, but who doesn’t love a plate of piled-high pasta? Anyone who’s ever tucked into a tomato tagliatelle, seafood linguine or spaghetti Bolognese will know that the twirling and twisting method is a bit of an art form, though.

Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman has been doing some research with Celebrity Cruises to find out what the top six pasta-eating techniques in the UK actually say about you. From cutting your spaghetti up into little pieces, to slurping up singular long strands, each style apparently gives away a lot about you as a person. So, what does your spaghetti-eating style say about you?

1. The Cut – cutting the spaghetti up into little bits so it can be scooped easily

Means: You’re pragmatic and single-minded

Dr Spelman says: “You are a pragmatic, single-minded person who likes to get the job done, and prefers substance over style. You don’t worry overly about what other people think of you and are comfortable in your own skin. Some people might find your bluntness and matter-of-fact nature a bit disconcerting at times, but that doesn’t bother you. You’re fond of saying, ‘What you see is what you get’, and you live your life accordingly.”

2. The Fork Twizzle – twizzling spaghetti on the fork


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Means: You’re spontaneous and charming

“You like to make an effort to do things the ‘right’ way but, because of your impetuous and flighty nature, sometimes you don’t quite get there,” says Spelman. “It doesn’t matter though, because your friends find you charmingly sweet and spontaneous. You’re a lot of fun and don’t like to do things by halves, which means you’re always very entertaining at a party.”

3. The Spiral And Spoon – spiralling the spaghetti on a spoon with a fork

Means: You’re cautious and attentive

“You like to think that you’re carefully treading a middle ground between caution and adventurousness, but sometimes you hold back a bit too much and don’t have as much fun as you could, if you would just kick back and relax,” notes Spelman. “Your friends love you the way you are, but sometimes they wish you’d be a bit less uptight.”

4. The Shovel – scooping the spaghetti and eating with a shovelling motion


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Means: You’re impulsive and self-assured

Spelman says: “You have a devil-may-care attitude that translates into all areas of life. You find it very difficult to think something without saying it, and act impulsively on your instincts. The result is that people tend to either love you or hate you. That suits you just fine, because the truth is, you don’t care what others think of you.”

5. The Slurp – slurping one singular piece of spaghetti at a time


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Means: You’re extravagant and uninhibited

“Let’s face it, you are a bit of an exhibitionist,” states Spelman. “You’ve been a show-off since you were a kid and do whatever it takes to be noticed. You’re the one who comes to work in a Hawaiian shirt or starts a conga line at the office party. You’re a lot of fun, but you can be exhausting too, so you need to learn not to take offence if your friends occasionally need a break from you.”

6. The Head-To-Bowl – lowering your head as close to the bowl or plate as possible

Means: You’re considerate and kind

“You are a nervous sort, who worries excessively about what other people think of you,” Spelman says. “You hate to put a step wrong, and always try very hard to cover every possibility. Considerate and kind, you don’t like to disturb others. You just need to learn to relax a little and not to fret all the time about other people. Let yourself loose—you might find that you like it!”

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