The UK's simplest pleasures have been revealed

14th Jun 18 | Lifestyle

Feeling blue? Forget fancy and think basic with these cheap and cheerful mood boosters.

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Shopping sprees, expensive sports cars and designer handbags are all well and good, but everyone knows that the best things in life don’t cost a penny.

From slipping into a freshly made bed to laughing until your stomach hurts with a group of old friends, there are plenty of ‘free highs’ that can put a smile on your face.

Now a new ‘happiness index’ has ranked life’s top simple pleasures – everyday occurrences that can turn an otherwise mediocre day into a good one.

The best thing? You don’t have to be on a CEO’s salary to be able to afford them.

It doesn’t happen all too often, but being lucky enough to stumble across money will do wonders for your mood. Finding a £10 note on the floor took the top spot in the index, with a third of Brits surveyed revealing it was the easiest way to make them feel good for free.

Booking a holiday and enjoying sunny weather followed closely behind, with 34% of people saying that getting a rare hit of vitamin D on home soil is the best way to perk up their day.

All of those public PDAs on Love Island might be annoying to watch, but getting intimate with your partner is a pretty popular way to get a natural buzz. 24.2% of us rejoice in receiving an ‘I love you’ text, while meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for a while brings joy to 22.9% of us.

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The new study, commissioned by Organic UK, surveyed 1,000 people to uncover the UK’s favourite pleasures.

The researchers also found that while plenty of us delight in knowing that the food we’re eating is good for the environment, gaining new followers or ‘likes’ on social media brings a smile to the faces of only 1.2% of us.

So, next time you’re skint and desperately waiting for payday to come around? Remember, it’s the simple things that matter.

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