Video: Anyone for taxidermy? Let's hope you don't have any of these 5 design crimes in your home

14th Jun 18 | Lifestyle

The Seventies was a black hole for interior decoration, and here are the worst offenders.

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The 1970s brought us many glorious things, from ABBA to some particularly groovy fashion. However, one thing it wasn’t so great for was interior design.

The Seventies was voted the worst decade for dodgy decor in the last century, in a poll commissioned by Samsung. Horrors like round beds and carpeted walls made the top 20.

There’s no denying that interior design is important, with six out of 10 Brits admitting to judging others on what the inside of their house looks like.

Daniel Hopwood, president of the British Institute of Interior Design, and star of BBC Two’s The Great Interior Design Challenge, looks back at some of the worst offending trends…

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