Video: 5 yoga poses to help you drift off on World Sleep Day

19th Mar 18 | Lifestyle

Have trouble getting to sleep? Try these yoga moves before bed.

Group of young sporty people in Dead Body pose

If you constantly struggle to get out of bed and spend the day complaining about being tired, you’re not alone. Whether it’s early mornings at work, stress, kids or binge watching Netflix, according to the NHS one in three of us plod through life sleep deprived.

A lack of sleep might seem like the norm but not getting your recommended seven to nine hours can make it difficult to concentrate or make decisions – and in the long term, it puts you at risk of heart disease, weight gain and diabetes.

It’s World Sleep Day so if there was ever a night to make sure you actually get enough shut eye, this is it. Yoga is a brilliant way to clear the mind, stretch the muscles after a long day and relax, so we asked yoga instructor Lettie King from MotivatePT, to demonstrate five simple poses to do before bedtime.

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