Video: Is a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with Creme Eggs the most indulgent Easter treat ever?

14th Mar 18 | Lifestyle

A sugar high is basically guaranteed after eating this dessert.


Easter is associated with the likes of buttery hot cross buns, marzipan topped simnel cakes and a whole lot of chocolate eggs.

Now, the Half Penny Farm Pub in Oldbury wants a new dish to become a tradition, and it’s just about as OTT as you can get.

If you like Sunday roast and love chocolate, this one’s for you: A giant Creme Egg Yorkshire pudding.

So what do you get with this dessert? Well, it’s made up of two chocolate sponge cakes sandwiched between white and orange fondant, decorated with Cadbury Creme Eggs, all packed inside a giant, savoury Yorkshire pud.

The pub is known for its giant Yorkshires, but this really takes things to the next level. Safe to say, you’ll need a very sweet tooth to tackle this one.

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