2 minutes with chef James Martin, who has very specific demands regarding Rice Krispies

5th Mar 18 | Lifestyle

The guy really hates mayonnaise, so he tells Ella Walker.

James Martin's American Adventure,

Former Saturday Kitchen host James Martin has hit the road for his latest cookbook and accompanying ITV series, James Martin’s American Adventure.

He took off on a motorbike to see what culinary delights the States could offer, but it turns out he’s happiest eating a bacon sandwich, and has absolutely no time for kiwi fruit.

We caught up briefly with the telly foodie to grill him on the truly important stuff…

Your ultimate death-row, last-night-on-earth meal, would be…
My granny’s bacon sandwich.

The thing you still can’t cook is… There’s a lot of things I can’t cook! I’m not very good with okra.

Your favourite store cupboard essential has to be… Butter.

The kitchen utensil you can’t live without is… My chopping board.

If you get hungry late at night, the first snack you’ll reach for is… Rice Krispies with top of the milk cream and sugar, left for three minutes and then eaten. You’ve got a crust and it’s soggy, it’s half and half. Takes time, don’t go straight in, or it’s too crispy.

On now! Sonoma Raceway is the setting for today's #AmericanAdventure. @itv @wearestv1

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Your signature dish is… If there is such a thing – I don’t know whether there is – I do a crab risotto, and I do a white chocolate and whisky croissant butter pudding, with single malt ice cream.

Preferably your eggs would be… I spent 10 years eating bloody omelettes, I don’t like eggs. Every Saturday morning, I’d have to eat bloody eggs. If I have a fry-up, I don’t eat eggs. I’ll eat them, but if I had a full English and you said how do you want your eggs, I’d say I don’t want eggs.

Your favourite childhood dinner was always… A Sunday roast all round the table on the farm, with proper gravy and proper roast potatoes, my mother makes the best roast potatoes in the world, and all the meats with your grandma and your auntie all kicking off.

America, thank you!

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For dinner last night you ate… A Twix and a can of Red Bull – haha – there wasn’t a lot open on Sunday night in London.

Your takeaway of choice is… KFC Bargain Bucket.

Your hangover cure is… A KFC Bargain Bucket! Haha.

And you absolutely can’t stomach… Mayonnaise, I can’t eat – it tastes like sh*t, and I’m allergic to it, the doctor says I may not be allergic to it now, but I really don’t want to try it and fall over. The only way you test it is eat it and then you end up in A&E, I’d rather bin it. I’ll at least try everything. But mayonnaise, horrific. And kiwi fruit, star fruit – all that crap! I can’t do kiwi fruit, eurgh, what’s all that about?!

James Martin’s American Adventure by James Martin, photography by Peter Cassidy, is published by Quadrille, priced £25.  Available now.

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