Video: Check out this abandoned coastal fort in Essex that could soon be a tourist attraction

20th Feb 18 | Lifestyle

Could this old fort in Harwich become the new Center Parcs?

Beacon Hill fort

If you like a bit of military history on your holiday, you might want to head to Essex soon. An abandoned coastal fort, with six gun emplacements, concrete pill boxes and an observation tower has been bought by two friends who want to turn it into a tourist attraction.

Beacon Hill Fort in Harwich dates back to 1889 when it was built in response to the threat of German sea power. It was the first to use ‘invisible’ defences where mounted guns disappeared into pits. It was used in both the First and Second World Wars before being abandoned in 1945.

More than 20 buildings, connected by a network of tunnels, are dotted around the five-acre site. Friends Paul Valentine and Barry Sharp have now bought the fort and Valentine says one idea is turn it into an outdoor centre “like a Center Parcs” and open it to the public.

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