From typewriters to top hats, these are some of the weirdest things the bill has arrived in

19th Jan 18 | Lifestyle

Whatever happened to just putting it on a plate?

typewriter with paper

First restaurants tried to be ‘edgy’ with plates, replacing them with weird and wonderful things like wooden boards and flower pots. Now, they’ve got their eyes set on the bill.

Not content with presenting diners with their receipt on a plate or in a leather wallet (if you’re somewhere fancy), restaurants are instead coming up with some seriously dodgy alternatives.

The go-to option for hipster eateries seems to be presenting the bill in a book. You can see the reasoning behind it, as books are easy and cheap to get. However, restaurant owners beware: don’t think you can just pick a book willy nilly, because customers will definitely be reading into your choice.

But hey, hopefully some of the books are at least educational, like this one on swimming.

Some restaurants are going for the next best thing – video game cases.

Serving a bill in a cassette case definitely looks silly, but what else are you going to use it for these days?

Cooking utensils is another favourite genre for many restaurants. We can only assume that these places recently took chips off the menu, freeing up a whole lot of frying baskets to pop the bill in.

Bonus points to this establishment for the comedy fried egg Haribo in the frying pan.

Another popular theme is shoes. We can only hope that they weren’t pre-loved – you don’t want to end a nice meal out with some dodgy smells coming from the bill.

And then there are those who have really reached peak hipster, in a pretty infuriating way.

But these options really are preferable to receiving your bill in a tiny coffin. Creepy.

And to end on a particularly bizarre low (or high – we’re not really sure), we present the strangest way a bill has ever been presented: rolled up, set on fire, and placed beneath edible rocks.

Who knows what restaurants will come up with next?

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