Putting books on shelves backwards is 2018's first ridiculous interiors trend

12th Jan 18 | Lifestyle

We'd prefer to see which books are which, thank you.

Books on grunge wooden table desk shelf in library. Back

If Instagram and Pinterest are to be believed, books are more of a decorating tool to rack up the likes rather than anything else.

Shelf snaps are such a common sight on social media that it’s perhaps no surprise that people have started experimenting with how they place their books too.

The latest shelf trend takes things to the next level though – backwards books.

Unlike many interior decorating fads, this one is easy to pull off and won’t cost you any money. It’s simple really, all you do is place your books backwards so the pages are facing forwards.

Backwards books have surged in popularity, with many loving its neutral and minimalistic spin on the normally cluttered bookshelf.

Even if it might mix up your Instagram feed, there’s no denying that it’s a pretty ridiculous trend. You wouldn’t be able to pick out specific books or tell them apart, because all the pages look the same.

The trend has irritated many, who are annoyed by people using books for aesthetic reasons, rather than for their actual purpose.

Some just aren’t buying into this minimalism malarkey, and are deeming backwards books just plain wrong.

And there are other people who want everyone to just chill out, and shelve their books however they want.

Spare a thought for those who don’t have books, or shelves, but still want to get on board with this ridiculous trend.

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