7 of the best podcasts for foodies

12th Jan 18 | Lifestyle

Obsessed with food and want to hear more about it? Listen to some of these shows.

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No kitchen is complete without a radio – in fact, in our opinion, cooking and eating are always more successful if there’s noise on in the background – but what if you’re on the move and still thinking about snacking?

This is when you need a stash of food-related podcasts saved on your phone, so whether you’re driving to work or doing the weekly shop, you’re accompanied by voices and minds who love food as much as you.

Here are seven great podcasts for those obsessed with what’s for dinner…

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1. The Kitchen Sisters Present
The Kitchen Sisters, aka producers Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, create fascinating and award-winning documentary radio stories, splicing together interviews, music and historical tape, all with a foodie slant. You feel like you’re being fed knowledge, understanding, intrigue and passion with every soundbite. Check out their NPR series, Hidden Kitchens, for anecdotes and chronicles of underground community cooking and traditions across America.

2. Burnt Toast by Food52
This podcast from food website Food52 asks all the best questions, like: Can you season your food with sound? And, where did the banana peel slipping gag come from? In short, snappy episodes, they get straight to the point, whether that’s on the historical importance of margarine, Thanksgiving dinner disasters or genius recipes that will change how you operate in the kitchen. Prepare to be surprised and informed.

3. Monocle 24: The Menu
The Menu is Monocle magazine’s food and drink radio show, and a chance to sneak into top kitchens like Claridges, hear celebrity chefs share their thoughts on food waste, and discover new gastronomic delicacies, like Japanese whisky. For those who find food inseparable from travel and culture, Monocle’s Food Neighbourhoods show takes you on a 10-minute walk/listen through an up-and-coming foodie area somewhere in the world.

4. Diana Henry’s At The Kitchen Table
If Diana Henry’s writing voice – from her Telegraph column and her simple but glorious cookbooks – has you captivated, you’re likely to enjoy listening to the Northern Irish recipe writer spout off in conversation with some of our best chefs. So far she’s snagged Rick Stein, Tom Kerridge and Yotam Ottolenghi for chats about their cooking, and how the kitchen intersects with family life.

5. The What’s Cooking Podcast by Elizabeth Kerr and Kat Wood
In the first series of The What’s Cooking Podcast by bakers and friends Elizabeth and Kat, they grill bloggers, producers, wellness company founders, cookbook writers and the like on how they got their start. Great if you’re keen to get into the business-side of the food world, or if you’re all set to embark on your own creative foodie outlet.

6. The Fridge Light with Chris Nuttall-Smith
Food writer and critic Chris’ podcast is all about picking apart what exactly it is we eat, and unmask what it is we’re putting in our mouths. He looks at why white meat, despite having less taste, is more popular than dark; what happens to the rest of a pig when the butcher has got all they want; and investigates whether tofu is toxic.

7. Eating by Harry Harris
Although there are only four episodes in this series, each presented in an essay style, they’re all quite lovely. Episode three, for instance, On The Lack Of Innovation In Chocolate Bars, starts with a description of Kinder Bueno Happy Hippos as having ‘a slight coyness about them’ and journalist Harry Harris goes on talking about the rest of the world’s chocolate bars with the same whimsical tenderness. Hopefully, he’ll put together a second season.

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