People have been using this ingenious hack for plastic-free food shopping

11th Jan 18 | Lifestyle

The government has announced new plans for plastic-free supermarket aisles.

Woman holding bananas in produce aisle of supermarket, side view

In a huge leap forward for the environment, Theresa May has promised to eliminate all ‘avoidable’ plastic waste within 25 years – urging supermarkets to introduce plastic-free aisles.

In a speech to unveil the government’s long-awaited environmental plan, she is expected to extend the successful 5p levy on plastic bags to smaller shops and look into changing the rules on single-use plastic containers like takeaway boxes.

Plastic damages wildlife and habitats. Washing into the ocean, it kills sea birds, mammals and turtles which get tangled in waste and it causes harm to marine species too.

So what else can food shoppers do to help solve what the Prime Minister has called “one of the great environmental scourges of our time”?

Buying fruit and vegetables loose and bringing your own carrier bags to the supermarket are obvious ones, but some people are going one clever step further – taking Tupperware to the supermarket with them.

There’s no reason why the people behind the fish, meat or cheese counter can’t fill up your own reusable containers with what you’re buying, instead of using a plastic bag, and then put the price sticker on the lid.

You could also use it to carry things like berries or other soft fruit that might get squashed when you carry your shopping home.

Of course, you can use any kind of reusable vessel – like this bag fashioned out of an old T-shirt.

Or an old-school basket.

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