Quorn is changing its ways after uproar over its cheekily deceptive packaging

7th Dec 17 | Lifestyle

Up until now, sausage roll fans who thought they were getting 12 portions have been in for a surprise.

When you buy a 12-pack of any type of food, you’d understandably expect to find 12 servings of whatever is inside.

Imagine your dismay if you bought a 12-pack of sausages rolls, only to find three in there. This has been the sad reality for fans of Quorn sausage rolls.

Twitter user Dan Douglas picked up a supposed 12-pack of sausage rolls and upon reading the fine print, discovered a label specifying they were: “12 mini rolls when cut into 4’s.”

Dan posted this tweet on the weekend, and it quickly went viral with people sharing his outrage.

Others stepped in to give alternative suggestions as to what the small print could say.

The furore hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, with Quorn announcing it will change its sausage rolls packaging in the New Year.

And that, folks, is the power of the internet – sausage rolls now have justice, thanks to just one tweet.

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