This might be the best ever hack for keeping fast food warm

5th Dec 17 | Lifestyle

Here's the answer to all your cold takeaway problems.

Elevated View of a Tray With Fries, a Hamburger and Lemonade

It’s the eternal dilemma every time you pick up takeaway for dinner: do you quickly eat your food in the carpark? Or risk driving home to eat, hoping the whole way that your pizza/chips/noodles haven’t gone limp, soggy and cold in the carton?

Well, someone on Twitter has come up with an ingenious solution to this predicament. Two words: heated seats.

Yep, all you need is a car with heated seats – just strap your fast food in and head home, safe in the knowledge your burger won’t have gone chilly and congealed en route.

The internet has been suitably impressed with the nifty hack:

While others have been sharing their own heated seat food successes:

We also totally appreciate this person mixing it up on the temperature front:

And if you don’t have a flash car with heated seats? There is another way…

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