10 untranslatable words about love from different cultures

24th Nov 17 | Lifestyle

Sometimes 'I love you' just doesn't cut it.


Ever wondered how you could describe – in one word – the euphoric feeling of falling in love? Or a hug that is so more than just a hug, and actually a safe haven?

Lilo And Stitch Hug GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Fortunately, holiday booking site Expedia has collected 10 untranslatable words from a diverse range of cultures that will help voice your heart’s desire the next time the English language fails you.

Below are all 10 words with their English meaning and how to pronounce them phonetically, just memorise and get sharing your feelings:

1. Cafuné

An illustration of a man running his fingers through his girlfrend's hair

2. Gigil

An illustration of a parent talking to their baby

3. Forelsket

An illustration of someone parachuting

4. Mamihlapinatapei

An illustration of a couple on a bench

5. Cwtch

An illustration of a parent hugging their child

6. Ya’aburnee

An illustration of an elderly couple wlaking together

7. Iktsuarpok

An illustration of a man laying a table

8. Viraag

An illustration of a woman at a desk

9. Oodal

An illustration of a couple arguing in bed

10. Flechazo

An illustration of a group of people drinking

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