Could Lush's Twilight Body Spray be the miracle cure for your insomnia?

9th Nov 17 | Lifestyle

Move over Sleepy Body Lotion, there's a new cult Lush product that will lull you into a gentle sleep.


When Lush released its iconic Sleepy Body Lotion, it quickly garnered cult status after hordes of Reddit and Mumsnet users went into meltdown about its sleep-giving properties.

Many swore that the slathering the soothing lavender and ylang ylang formula over their body before bedtime miraculously helped them to drift off more easily, while some even claimed that it cured their insomnia completely.

If, like many, you’ve been relying on the cult lotion to knock yourself out every night, then you might want to stop what you’re doing and listen up: because there’s another hero Lush item that’s apparently even better than it’s predecessor.

According to internet forums, Lush’s Twilight Body Spray is an even easier way to douse yourself in the relaxing Sleepy scent before you hit the hay – and it’ll help you nod off more quickly too.

It has exactly the same scent and ingredients that made the original lotion such a hit, but it’s now in a handy spray bottle meaning you can spritz your pillows and bedsheets as well as every limb on your body.

It’s basically Sleepy 2.0.

The item has proved a massive hit on Twitter, where users have been waxing lyrical about the spray’s amazingly sweet scent and hypnotic properties.

Customers on Lush’s website have also been giving the product rave reviews.

I have always had trouble sleeping but this body spray coupled with the Sleepy body lotion knocks me out cold,” one customer wrote. Others added similar praise, calling it “heavenly” and claiming that they “just can’t get enough.”

At this point, you’re probably wondering where this amazing invention has been all of your life? Well, right under our noses, apparently.

While Twilight has just launched over in the US, it’s been over here in the UK for quite some time, so it seems us sleep-starved Brits have really been missing a trick.

Now that the secret’s out, you’ll want to stock up sooner rather than later.

The Twilight Body Spray, which costs a thrifty £20, is already sold out online – so you’ll have to head to your local Lush store and hope for the best if you’re planning to get your hands on it.

Dreams really do come true.

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