This is how to make it through the day if you're an early gym goer, according to Reddit

27th Oct 17 | Lifestyle

These tips could help you avoid crashing later on.

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We’re impressed by anyone who makes it to the gym at all, but we have a special sense of awe for those who get a session in before the crack of dawn.

This isn’t to say that hitting the gym before 4-6am is an easy task – far from it. Reddit user loooooow goes to the gym five times a week from 4:30-6am before work, and she’s asked the fitness community for some help.

She says: “I have noticed that I have zero energy left when I get home and it’s a struggle to stay up and spend time with the family. How do you guys stay energised?”

Here’s what fellow early-bird exercisers said about how they manage to get to the gym before the crack of dawn – while maintaining their energy levels throughout the rest of the day.


This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s still important to emphasise just how vital getting the right amount of sleep is. Lack of sleep = lack of energy, it’s as simple as that.

irunontech says: “Proper sleep cycle is key. If you are waking up at 4am to get there by 4:30am you should go to sleep at least 7-8 hours before 4am, around 8pm. If you are not getting the proper amount of rest, you are going to be tired.”

For many, going to sleep earlier is a nearly impossible task. But for Ruckus2118, it’s all about building a routine. They say: “It’s a habit you have to form. Your body is used to going to sleep at a certain time so that’s what it expects, once you have been consistently sleeping at an earlier time it eventually becomes normal.”

For ysizzle, it all comes back to sleep: “You need to prioritise sleep. Lack of sleep is a gainz goblin/weight loss hindrance, and honestly getting enough sleep may be more important than being at the gym 5 [times] a week.”

If you can’t quite manage to fit in enough sleep, a lot of other people advocate naps. SirNanigans says: “I find that my days can be greatly improved by simply power napping on my 10 minute breaks, or during lunch if there’s time. It might work for you to if you find getting regular 7+hr nights isn’t going to work out.”

Reconsider your sessions

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Exercising five times a week for an hour and a half is a pretty intense schedule, so some Reddit users suggest that loooooow reconsiders her schedule.

Reddit user Scrug exercises three times a week and says: “If I have extra time throughout the week, I’ll find other ways to exercise. Walking to the train station instead of taking the bus. Taking the kids for a long walk, or taking them swimming.”

Keep yourself busy and stay hydrated

We all know the feeling: the second you sit down, you feel totally drained of any energy. For Reddit user Thorondorr, the trick is to keep yourself busy so that you completely forget your tiredness.

They say: “The key is not to sit back and relax when you get home. I feel like as soon as I sit down to take a breather after work, I just crash and fall asleep. Just keep yourself occupied after work (I’m guessing a regular 9-5 routine) and you should be all right. That and stay hydrated.”

Hydration is another hugely important point, and an easy thing to improve on. Sic_Semper_T_Rex_ says: “I know it is part of nutrition, but I add in hydration into this because I think people should focus on it as a separate part of a proactive healthy lifestyle.”

Consider your diet

As they say, food is fuel. Therefore, if you want to power your body to last throughout the day, you need to think carefully about your diet.

For many people on the Reddit thread, the trick is to have well-timed and nutrient-rich snacks. BizarroSparkS says: “A late afternoon snack can really help with a boost of energy for the evening.” They recommend nuts because they’re dense in calories and will keep you going for longer.

CorneliusNepos says: “If I am tired throughout the day, a little sugar usually helps so I eat an apple.”

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