This man is considering DUMPING his fiancée for the most RIDICULOUS reason

5th Oct 17 | Lifestyle

A concerned friend has taken to Mumsnet to seek advice as his friend is considering dumping his fiancee because she has ‘fat genes’.

He explains that although his friends fiancée is only a size 8, she comes from a 'big' family and she has also put on weight since they moved in together:

The post reads:

Naturally, the response from Mumsnet users was honest:

One reader wrote:

"He doesn’t sound very intelligent tbh. Fat genes?? No, poor eating habits that are learned from other members of the family. He sounds incredibly shallow and not particuarly very nice. Maybe you should advise him to end the relationship for his poor partners sake"

Another person commented:

"So your friend is calling off his wedding because he thinks his gf, who is currently slim, might get fat one day. Newsflash, sunshine – ANYONE can get fat if they eat more calories than they burn. I can’t believe you’re not just telling him he’s a colossal w****r".