Here’s what you should ACTUALLY eat to cure a hangover

1st Jun 18 | Lifestyle

Xposé.ie have put together a short article to make sure you can make a full speedy recovery after a big night out.

We’ve all suffered through a hangover, and if we’re being completely honest we’re sure we’ll suffer through several more. However to help you cure your hangover Xposé.ie have put together a short article to make sure you can make a full speedy recovery, whether it be for work the next day or to head out again that night!

Ditch the fizz

While it is tempting to have a refreshing can of coke after a night out, fizzy drinks like this rarely actually help with the problem. You could end up causing more issues with gas and bloating. Instead we recommend having an energy drink that will help you replace the electrolytes.

Don’t eat greasy meals

One of the ‘best known secrets’ when you’re hungover is to consume greasy or carbohydrate heavy foods. Instead what you actually need be doing is consuming nutrient dense foods, in small quantities. Greasy and carbohydrate heavy foods don’t contain the nutrients that are needed to ensure a full recovering from a big night out.

Take in Vitamin B

Consuming high amounts of alcohol can leave your body dehydrated and with depleted Vitamin B stores.  If you want your body and metabolism to make a full recovery you need to take in vitamin B. Consuming milk, eggs, vegetables and some whole grains will help you replenish your vitamin B stores.

Take in healthy fats

Consuming fatty foods before a big night out can slow down the absorption of alcohol, but afterwards you should focus on fresh foods; vegetables, fruits, and nutritious plant-based foods.

If you’re still looking to consume some healthy fats, you should stick to natural sources of fats such as avocado or smoked salmon. Eggs, seeds and nuts are also perfect.

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