5 fatty foods that can help you lose weight!

30th Jul 16 | Lifestyle

Trying to slim down for that bikini? No need to cut down on these tasty foods!

We’ve long been told that fat is bad for you, full stop. Recently though it has been revealed that certain fats are in fact good for you and cutting all sources of fat from your diet when you are trying to lose weight is not necessary.

Ok so you can’t expect to gorge on these foods alone and still shed the pounds, but you can certainly include them as part of a healthy balanced diet and still stay slim! The fat contained in these foods can actually help you feel fuller for longer and therefore prevent overeating, oh and they all taste great!

5) Avocado

This super food is packed full of oleic acid which can ease feelings of hunger. As if it couldn’t get better, it’s even been shown that consuming avocados can reduce the dreaded belly fat! An easy way of incorporating it into your diet is adding it as a topping to a fresh and delicious salad!

4) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium- chain triglycerides (MCTs) and these can increase energy output compared to the same amount of calories from other sources. Not only will eating it help you burn off more calories, but it also helps to crush cravings and reduce appetite. So maybe it’s time to start cooking with coconut oil then!

3) Eggs

Having eggs for breakfast really isn’t as bad a choice as you might think! The protein content in eggs help you fill up and feel less hungry throughout the day! At just 85 calories each they are certainly a food you do not have to feel guilty about enjoying. If you are having eggs though, try avoid frying them.

2) Nuts

Munching on any variety of nuts can do wonders for your waistline! It is thought that the fibre content of nuts is what makes you feel satisfied long after consuming them. Whenever you feel the urge to reach for the chocolate, have a handful of nuts instead, it’s also much better for your blood sugar!

1) Cheese

This is the big surprise of the list! Full fat cheese has long been portrayed as the devil when trying to lose weight, but it can actually aid your weight loss. Including small amounts of cheese in your diet can help you lose more belly fat than those who eat no cheese at all!