As Mean Girls turns 15, these are all the mid-Noughties fashion trends we hope never return

18th Jun 19 | Beauty

The cult teen movie is a painful reminder how terribly we all dressed in 2004, says Katie Wright.

Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls Screening

It’s hard to believe, but it’s now been 15 years since Regina George and the rest of the ‘Plastics’ strutted down the halls of North Shore High School in seminal teen movie Mean Girls.

The film, released in the UK on June 18, 2004, quickly gained cult status, loved by fans for its deliciously catty performances and pithy one-liners.

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The story of Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) trying her best to fit in with the cool girls has stood the test of the time, but the film’s costumes, it must be said, have not.

The mid-Noughties was a weird time for fashion, and while lots of Nineties trends have had a resurgence lately, it’s hard to imagine the clothes that Regina, Gretchen, Karen and Cady wore coming back.

In fact, we dread to think that they might. Here, to mark the film’s 15th birthday, are all the Mean Girls fashion monstrosities that we hope never see the light of day again…

Bubblegum pink

Yes, we know millennial pink has been a massive trend recently, but that’s a soft, subtle kind of pink. The retina-searing bubblegum shade that Regina George favoured is a whole other story, and it needs to remain in the Noughties fashion graveyard.

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Big collars

A crisp cotton shirt is a timeless classic, of course, but why did Regina have to wear her shirts unbuttoned so wide that the collar almost went past her shoulders? That’s the thing about the Noughties, everything was just slightly off in some way, and it really shows in hindsight.

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Bootcut jeans

Same goes for jeans. In 2004, the height of denim fashion was a pair of loose, low-rise, bootcut jeans, but it wouldn’t be long until skinny jeans took over, and they’ve reigned ever since.

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Velour tracksuits

Both Regina and her ‘cool mom’ Mrs George were fans of velour tracksuits (but only on Fridays – the rest of the week skirts or dresses were mandatory), which they probably bought from that bastion of Noughties style, Juicy Couture.

Comfy, they may be, and they were definitely cool at the time, but now that sporty athleisure tracksuits are all the rage, these pyjama-like sets are totally passé.

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Golf chic

Gretchen was the preppiest of the bunch, but her tight argyle sweaters and skirts made it look like she was heading to the golf course to work on her putting, not to biology class. Thankfully, the girly golfer look has yet to make a comeback in fashion.

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