Is modest fashion going mainstream? People are loving the new brand on ASOS offering hijabs

16th Apr 19 | Beauty

The label Verona offers everything from headwear to dresses and jumpsuits.


Modest fashion is still a relatively fringe phenomenon in the UK and Ireland, but it’s unlikely to stay that way for long.

It’s the term that refers to a way of dressing which is more covered up, often in line with religious beliefs. The movement was born out of religious women – and just women who wanted to dress more modestly – finding there were relatively few fashion-forward yet affordable options for them.

It’s particularly driven by Muslim women, and the hashtag #modestfashion has over 1.7 million hits on Instagram.

Verona chiffon maxi headscarf in dusty rose, £11 on ASOS
Verona chiffon maxi headscarf in dusty rose, £11 on ASOS (Verona/PA)

Now, it’s going more mainstream as the Verona Collection has hit ASOS. The American-based modest fashion brand was launched in 2015 by photographer Lisa Vogl and designer Alaa Ammuss, who were struggling to find attractive clothes that were affordable and in line with their beliefs.

Verona Curve long sleeved layered jumpsuit in green polka dot, £50 on ASOS
Verona Curve long sleeved layered jumpsuit in green polka dot, £50 on ASOS (Verona/PA)

It’s a savvy move from ASOS, as modest fashion is tipped to become big business. In 2017 London held its first Modest Fashion Week, and brands like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger have started creating and selling hijabs to great success.

Verona high neck long sleeved top (£35) and wide leg trouser (£35) in python print
Verona high neck long sleeved top, £35, and wide leg trouser, £35, in python print (Verona/PA)

Big businesses are paying increasing attention to modest fashion. This is helped by famous faces like Halima Aden, the American model who was the first hijab-wearing person to be signed to the prestigious agency IMG models.

The 21-year-old has since appeared on the covers of various Vogues and magazines like Allure, as well as walking the runway for brands like Max Mara and Yeezy – all in modest fashion.

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With this changing tide in mind, Verona Collection and ASOS are obviously responding to a huge gap in the market – something which becomes quickly apparent when you look at the response to Verona on social media.

Headscarves cost around £11, with dresses and jumpsuits are priced at around £50. Shop for the collection now on ASOS.

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