Ralph Lauren's latest ad campaign features a same-sex couple for the first time

4th Apr 19 | Fashion

Stars of the ad, Helena Tejedor and Cecile Winckler, are married.


Ralph Lauren’s new campaign has won praise for how diverse it is. It’s all about the power of family, and features real people – not just actors.

It stars a range of families, including an Asian couple, a grandmother raising her grandchildren, a black family and a lesbian couple.

AdAge reports it is Ralph Lauren’s first campaign featuring a same-sex couple, which is arguably a long time coming- the brand turned 50 in 2018.

Even though the ad doesn’t feature hired actors pretending to be in relationships, this isn’t to say they’re not all gorgeous. Stylist Helena Tejedor is photographed with her wife Cecile Winckler, looking immaculate and, of course, dressed head-to-toe in Ralph Lauren.

Tejedor has posted a still from the campaign on Instagram, and the comments show just how well-received the casting is. People have commented: “Gay role models forever”, “You have no idea what this means to me”, and, “Love the video campaign too, so beautiful”.

The ad features different families talking about what love and relationships mean to them, noting that “family is like home, it feels like home wherever you are.”

The heartwarming ad comes during a particularly tough time for LGBTQ+ rights. This week, for instance, Brunei announced the new introduction of Islamic laws that consider homosexuality illegal, and sodomy punishable by stoning to death.

Of course, a fashion campaign can’t solely counteract political acts like this, but the ad is still a welcome, positive representation for LGBTQ+ people in the media.

One user commented on the ad’s YouTube video: “Thank you Ralph Lauren for portraying so many of the different types of families out there. Thank you for your representation of LGBTQ+ families, heterosexual couples, single parent families, interracial families, grandparents raising their children, and all the different types of familial and romantic love that can make a TRUE family.”

Another wrote: “Thank [you] Ralph Lauren for being so lovely and empowering the LGBTQ+ community.”

And yet, proving you can’t win them all, another YouTube user commented: “Apparently family means wearing mismatched plaid… Yikes.”

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