This is how you get the ultimate party girl look, according to Peter Pilotto at London Fashion Week

18th Feb 19 | Beauty

Prudence Wade went backstage to learn some tricks of the trade at the AW19 Pilotto show.


No time to wash your hair, but have plans later? You’re in luck – greasy hair is now a bona fide fashion trend. In fact, slick hair and bright skin are the go-to look for this season’s Peter Pilotto girl.

We went backstage ahead of the brand’s London Fashion Week show and discovered the AW19 collection is all about the modern party girl – and it was as fun as it sounds.

The label’s most recent high profile work might have been designing Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress, but this was a much grungier affair, although it still  managed to be super glamorous.

So how do you get the perfect party girl look? We asked Pilotto’s team of hair and make-up experts for their advice…

The make-up

The most important thing to focus on with this look is the skin. For make-up artist Inge Grognard, it’s all about keeping things natural but with an all-important pop of highlighter along the cheekbone.

“We’re using Code 8 to prepare beautiful skin, with a very nice highlighter on top,” she explains. Couple this with a nude lip balm and you’re ready to go.

For the show, Grognard used Code 8 Radiate Beauty Balm (£39) and AM/PM Tinted Lip Balm in At The Barre (£24). The balm is actually multifunctional and can be used both as a highlighter and on your eyelids, to give them a bit more shine – a good thing to know if you’re going out and can only fit one product in your bag.

Model at Peter Pilotto London Fashion Week show (Prudence Wade/PA)
Model at Peter Pilotto London Fashion Week show (Prudence Wade/PA)

Grognard’s main tip when it comes to picking a highlighter is to experiment with shades to make sure you get one that matches your skin tone. “Some highlights are too blue, so you’ll have to go for more of a gold colour, or you can mix them together,” she advises. She also says to use it sparingly and carefully if you’ve got pimples on your cheekbones, as it can make them appear more prominent.

If you’re looking to snap the best picture of your party girl make-up, Grognard notes: “It’s better to use a flash so you can see the shimmer and the highlight, because when it’s dark, you can’t see the glow.”

If you wanted to take the look further, add what some of the Pilotto models sported: A little feather on the corner of the eyelid. “This just gives it that little twist,” says Grognard, “because there are feathers in the collection.”

The hair

Hair stylist Jawara was in charge of the models’ hair. “A lot of women, when their life is busy and they’re having a lot of fun, don’t tend to wash their hair as much, so we’re embracing that and turning it into a style,” he says with a laugh.

Model at Peter Pilotto London Fashion Week show (Prudence Wade/PA)
Model at Peter Pilotto London Fashion Week show (Prudence Wade/PA)

The key to this carefree look is using more product than you usually would. “As the days go by, product accumulates in the hair, so we’re putting in more and letting it air dry,” explains Jawara. “It gives it this greasy, natural texture, and then you can tong it to give it more movement.”

Jawara used KMS products to create the I’ve-not-showered vibe. Hairplay Liquid Wax (£17, LookFantastic) is sprayed onto the hair and left to dry, before HairStay Anti-Humidity Seal (£20.50, LookFantastic) is spritzed on top to keep everything in place and fix the ‘greasy’ look.

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