This major fashion brand has just banned retouching of all model imagery

14th Feb 19 | Fashion

Dani Dyer stars in a new campaign to announce the news, Katie Wright reports.


In The Style has announced a pledge to stop retouching and airbrushing all its model images, announcing the news with a campaign starring Love Island winner Dani Dyer and eight other inspirational models.

The online fashion brand says the ban will include all website imagery and any original content created for its social media channels, which will now, “show our models and ambassadors as the beautiful, unedited girls they are,” says CEO and founder Adam Frisby.

“As a social first fashion brand we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that editing our images has on our audience,” Frisby says.

“This is something that most if not all retailers and marketeers do to sell products in ‘the best possible way’.

“However, we believe it’s our social responsibility to tackle the subconscious reinforcement to women that they have to look like the impossibly airbrushed girls they see on websites.”

Love Island's Dani Dyer in the #ITSjustgotreal campaign
Love Island’s Dani Dyer stars in the #ITSjustgotreal campaign (In The Style/PA)

“Of course we will still use all the usual girl tricks – make-up and hairspray – to create our vibe,” Frisby continues, “but we will not be smoothing out any lines, wrinkles, lumps or bumps to sell you something that just is not real.

“Those stretch marks, moles, love handles, scars or cellulite should be celebrated in all their glory and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

The accompanying #ITSjustgotreal campaign, fronted by Dyer, features nine In The Style ambassadors and fans.

The line-up includes model and actress Netsai Tinaresse Dandajena, burns survivor Naomi Oni and model Eva Khyne-Sam, who has vitiligo.

Dyer says: “Untouched imagery is a such a good move in my opinion and I hope it’s one that helps everybody embrace their individuality and become more comfortable in their own skin.

“Social media and online shopping can have an impact on anyone’s self-esteem. I have a little sister and lots of young followers who I’m always looking out for, and would love for them to be brought up in a world that’s real.

“Nobody is perfect, and to be honest being perfect would be pretty boring. I’m proud to lend my support to this positive step forward.”

Fans have praised the move, with Instagram users saying that the pledge is a positive move and empowering for women.

“This is brilliant! As a bigger girl with a post baby body covered in stretch marks and cellulite, it makes me feel more confident,” commented Aimzrebecca on the Instagram post.

“Well done! Let’s hope others follow in you footsteps,” wrote Alannah Hillier. “I’m so fed up of my (very naturally gorgeous) daughters thinking they need a filter or face full of make up to be beautiful.”

In The Style isn’t the first brand to ban retouching. A number of other clothing labels such as Aerie and Modcloth have made the same commitment and last year Dove announced it would only use real women and use no editing or airbrushing, with a ‘No Digital Distortion Mark’ applied to show that images haven’t been altered.

With 1.8 million Instagram followers, In The Style might be the biggest brand (in social media terms) that we’ve seen make this kind of pledge.

Given the warm reception the news has garnered it will be interesting to see whether any other fast fashion brands will follow suit.

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