The 6 emotional stages of dressing for a snow day

30th Jan 19 | Fashion

We knew this weather was coming, and yet we totally failed to prepare.

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Like getting older and wanting extra guacamole with whatever you ordered, some things in life are inevitable. 2019 is already proving to be a turbulent year, but one thing we do know for sure is that snow is coming – if it hasn’t already where you live.

This week vast amounts of the UK and Ireland are set for a lot of powdery goodness and some not so welcome ice. For some people, this is a thrilling prospect – it’s so peaceful and serene! And yet for many, it’s a living nightmare.

The toughest thing about this weather is figuring out what to wear (not to mention starting your car). Chances are you’ll be going through these sartorial stages this week…

1. Joy

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Few things are as exciting as waking up, opening your curtains and discovering everything outside is covered with a blanket of snow. It’s weird, but seeing fresh snow has the power to transport you back to your childhood – it’s impossible not to feel at least a *little* giddy when you see the first major snowfall of the year.

2. Sadness

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Unfortunately, this joy doesn’t last long. We’re not in school any more, so sadly a thick layer of snow doesn’t mean you get a day off to go sledding down a hill.

Being an adult means you have to somehow make your way through this freezing blizzard, which won’t necessarily be easy.

3. Confusion

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When the first few emotions of seeing snow have passed, then reality truly sets in. What are you even going to wear? Heavy snow is a nightmare to sartorially navigate.

One thing you can count on is that it will be cold – but it will also be slippy, wet and potentially windy. How does one look cute while also being entirely weather appropriate and sensible for the terrain? Surely it’s impossible.

4. Panic

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This is when you come to the grim realisation that you have absolutely nothing to wear. Desperation reaches fever pitch as you rifle through your cupboards and drawers. Why aren’t you the kind of person who organises your wardrobe for the winter season? All you can see are string bikinis and crop tops – definitely not appropriate for January – and shoes you’ll definitely slip on the ice in.

5. Resolve

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Once the panic stage is over, you realise you’ve got to get on with choosing an outfit otherwise you’ll never make it to work.

The one good thing about your frenzy of throwing everything out your wardrobe (which you did 10 minutes ago) is that you can now see everything better. It’s time to grab all the layers you can, but also try to make things a little bit less Michelin man and a little more fashion cute beret hat and chunky footwear. Thankfully multilayers were all over the autumn/winter catwalks for this season.

6. Excitement (and relief)

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Finally, you’re dressed and ready. It might not be a classic snow day and you still have to go to work, but hey, snow’s still pretty magical. And you have your perfect snow-ready outfit – a heavy duty coat, sturdy ankle boots, a chunky cable knit and anything cosy for your head/ears/neck.

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