Christmas Jumper Day: The emotional stages of wearing baubles on your sleeve

14th Dec 18 | Fashion

As the nation dons festive knits in the name of charity, Jenny Stallard takes a look at the highs and lows.

Beautiful or ugly: green Christmas sweater with decor balls

It’s Christmas Jumper Day – a day when we dress up in gaudy, thick, bright woollens, all in the name of charity and fun.

And it is fun – with a good message. Christmas Jumper Day raises cash for Save the Children.

But as we all know, there’s a lot of emotion involved in wearing a Christmas jumper…

The purchase excitement

You scour the rails for something unique and original – then you see it. The jumper you know nobody else will have. Supermarkets and high street shops are full of options, from the ones that make your body look like an elf to the ones with fun slogans like, ‘Full of Christmas Spirit’. There’s ‘Daschund through the snow’ complete with sausage dog, and ‘Gin-gle bells’, of course. You get to the till feeling festive and happy.

The ‘will anyone else have mine on?’ moment

Arriving at work, you’ve already seen one person on the train wearing ‘your’ jumper: Now you scan your colleagues as they remove their coats, hoping nobody else has the same one as you.

Time to compare

Now you know nobody else has stolen your thunder, you put your money in the charity collection pot and check out what your colleagues have donned. Oh, how glittery theirs is! How detailed their baubles! And what about that retro one from an actual vintage shop? Kudos to Janet from reception.

Feeling left out

This one’s just for people who didn’t wear a jumper. Ah, you thought you were too cool for a reindeer knit, like Mark Darcy, didn’t you? And now the office is all wearing them, you wish you had. You put extra in the charity box to make up for your Scrooge-like behaviour (which means you’re forgiven).

Dressing your pet

Yep, there’s always the office dog to bring into the festivities, too, for extra heart-warming feels.

The you start overheating

As the day wears on, you realise that while it’s all fun and games wearing a Christmas jumper, you are getting very, very hot. The sweat begins to form on your brow as lunchtime comes and goes.

Just what is the etiquette for taking off your charity jumper, you wonder, as you see a note for a meeting ping into your inbox and feel like you’ll look a bit daft in front of the boss while discussing the sales figures in a jumper that says #Elfie.

Dealing with the itchiness

Even the most man-made of soft fibres can give you the itch. First, around your neckline, then under the arms…


But as the end of the day comes around, and you’re still clad in your festive knit, there’s just one feeling abounding: Joy. You’ve made it! You didn’t faint! And now you’ve got a date, and, well, you might just keep your jumper on.

The sad goodbye

Even if you choose to wear your Christmas jumper through the festive season, there’s one more feeling to feel: The sad goodbye when you pack it away with the decorations, ready for next year.

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