5 fitness trainers on the sportswear brands they love for summer workouts

21st Jun 18 | Beauty

Katie Wright asks the experts for their gym kit tips.


Warm weather calls for gym gear that’s cool and breathable yet still supportive – and of course, we all want to look good while we’re working out.

How to strike that balance? The instructors at London’s trendy KXU always manage it, so we decided to ask the gym’s most stylish residents for their fitness fashion advice.

“I bounce around London like a ping-pong ball, so my go-tos are ones that I can teach, train and travel in without feeling restricted,” says yoga teacher Danielle Wills.

“I’m pretty minimalist with my wardrobe – monochrome is the way forward – so I’m so happy that many brands are bringing out clean-cut, beautiful pieces that can be worn and loved, day in and day out!”

And the good news is that it’s not all niche and uber-luxe labels for these fitness gurus – they love big brands and bargains too.

Here, Wills and four fellow KXU crew members share their summer sportswear favourites…

1. Danielle Wills, yoga teacher

“My Lululemon Align leggings definitely work the hardest of anything in my wardrobe – they hug and hold and move into the most ambitious of yoga postures, but they’re so neutral that they look great on the street as well.

“I’m always a die-hard Adidas fan – an Originals bomber jacket is always useful to throw over anything, and their Warp Knit Crop holds a special place in my heart.”

“I also just got an oversized jumper from Gymversus, who only do monochrome… it’s softer than butter.

“For kicking around though, my Vans get me through everything. from breakfast meetings and weight training to an animal flow class – there is nothing they can’t do!”

Lululemon Align Pant 28" Full Length Redwood

Lululemon Align Pant 28″ Full Length Redwood, £88

Adidas Warp Knit Crop Top Carbon/Black

Adidas Warp Knit Crop Top Carbon/Black, currently reduced to £27.48 from £54.95

2. Laura Hoggins,  HIIT and strength trainer

“My go-to brand for summer 2018 sportswear is Reebok, they blend performance with style and have some incredible new designs that can take me from squatting in the studio to bubbles and brunch and back again!”


💪🏾 Hello you lot, I gotta tell ya, I didn’t choose the prowler life, the prowler life chose me. And this downlighting… 👀 . . Training for me is pretty simple, pick up something heavy, move it, put it down again, push or pull something else, work your engine, feel your heart rate fly, rest, wonder why the f*ck you put yourself through it, contemplate taking up golf, realise how lucky you are, repeat. Performing the activities of daily life more easily, reducing your risk of injury. Functional training for the win. . . Catch me every week on the prowl with The Games, Thursday’s 8am, Saturday’s 11.30am and 2.00pm and HIIT & Run Saturdays 12.45pm & 3.30pm. See you there. . . #bicepsandbanter

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“I like to mix up my training with a blend of both strength and conditioning, so I need a training shoe that is light, comfortable, durable and can stand the heat!

“My all-time favourite cross-training shoe is the new Nano 8 Flexweave, I can box-jump, deadlift, and push a prowler in style!”

 Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave, £99.95

Reebok CrossFit Lux Tights in Stone

Reebok CrossFit Lux Tights in Stone, £54.95

3. Pete Geracimo, metabolic conditioning trainer

“My sports brand of choice is 2XU (pronounced two times U). They are an incredible company to work with and really put special care into all the products that they produce.

“Regardless if you are an Olympic or recreational athlete, 2XU will have what you need in order to excel and perform at your best. Their compression fabric is highly powerful, lightweight and flexible for the ultimate performance.

“By increasing blood flow, reducing blood lactate and increasing lymphatic drainage, it enables me to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster.”

2XU Men's Accelerate Compression Tights

2XU Men’s Accelerate Compression Tights, £80

4. Alex Rogers, spin instructor

“A few of my favourite sportswear brands have to be, firstly, Victoria’s Secret Pink for really fun basics with cute colours and bright prints, this brand is good quality but very affordable.

“Freddy is an Italian brand that specialises in sculpting the fine female form, their leggings are designed to make your bum look more peachy and pert!

“Last but not least, Spiritual Gangster. I love every piece this brand creates! Their slogans are beautiful and their materials are super cosy and soft. Best for soft baggy muscle tanks and cosy tracksuits.”

Victoria's Secret Pink Ultimate Front-Zip Push-Up Sports Bra
(Victoria’s Secret Pink/PA)

Victoria’s Secret Pink Ultimate Front-Zip Push-Up Sports Bra, £32.09

Freddy Melange High Rise Super Fit Leggings

Freddy Melange High-Rise Superfit Leggings, currently reduced to £28.20 from £47

5. Saskia Vidler, yoga teacher

“The only brand-snobs are my feet – Adidas UltraBoosts are perfect for running and getting me from A to B. Otherwise, I’m not brand loyal; ultimately I’m happiest wearing colourful Nike retro shorts and an oversized T-shirt.

“For hoodies and tees, Free City is a Californian brand I’ve been obsessed with for years. Super-soft cottons and incredibly cool prints.

“My legs love 2XU black compression leggings as they feel and look great in them. Otherwise, it’s the colourful collection of The Upside; their shapes are incredibly flattering and prints are original.”

Adidas UltraBoost Parley Shoes

Adidas UltraBoost Parley Shoes, £149.95

Nike Sportswear Archive Women's Shorts

Nike Sportswear Archive Women’s Shorts, £26.95

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