From floral masks to bizarrely large hats: 9 of the craziest things we saw at Paris Fashion Week

6th Mar 18 | Beauty

We're not sure anyone will be recreating Giambattista Valli's glitter make-up themselves.

Paris Fashion Kei Ninomiya

Fashion month is drawing to a close as Paris – the last of the big four – has its final shows.

The French capital is arguably host to the biggest names in fashion, with everyone from Chanel and Dior to Maison Margiela and Giambattista Valli showing twice a year.

Even though these might be some of the oldest and most respected fashion houses in the world, this doesn’t mean that the shows were demure or traditional.

In fact, we saw some of the weirdest and most wonderful things this weekend in Paris – and here are some of our favourites.

1. A Chanel forest

Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to creating completely over-the-top sets in the Grand Palais for Chanel – remember the supermarket? Or the airport? And what about the space station?

This season he staged one of the most magical shows yet, transforming the venue into a real-life indoor forest. Models walked on a leafy forest floor, surrounded by towering trees.

2. Floral bouquets

Noir Kei Ninomiya
(Thibault Camus/AP)

Spare a thought for the models on the Noir Kei Ninomiya catwalk, because they had a particularly tough time of it this fashion week.

Models were sent down the runway with elaborate floral bouquets placed on their heads – some obscuring thier whole faces. No doubt it made it even trickier to navigate the catwalk without tripping.

3. Extravagant headgear

Comme des Garcons
(Thibault Camus/AP)While we’re on the topic of bizarre headgear, it would be remiss not to mention the dependably over-the-top Comme des Garçons show.

Designer Rei Kawakubo was particularly playful with her show, with some crazy headwear ranging from Princess Leia-style buns to and pink leopard print bald cap and what looked like a giant flower.

It’s also worth noting that this was the first time that a black model walked the runway for Comme, which has been a long time coming.

I have always been deeply conflicted about my undying love for @commedesgarcons and the fact that I’ve never seen a black model walk in the show. But yesterday my heart sang as I watched a black queen open the show. Then another one followed. Then two more – with one closing. They like so many models before them performed the label’s ceremonious runway dance, an unhurried empowered strut. The show is always a highlight for me particularly because of Rei Kawakubo’s vision. And as an admirer and long-time customer, I’m over the moon to know that that actually does includes black women, women who look like me. I left that show so moved and so hopeful for the change that I’m seeing in our industry. Black representation matters. Wakanda Forever #blackhistorymonthiseverymonth 🙅🏾‍♀️👊🏾👸🏾

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4. Snowboarding trainers

There seems to be no escaping fashion’s ongoing obsession with ugly trainers. This season, Maison Margiela took things one step further by adding plastic straps to its dad trainers.

The result? Trainers that look like you could clip yourself onto a snowboard and slide down a mountain at any point – although we doubt the shoes are actually that functional.

5. Huge bows

Thom Browne
(Vianney Le Caer/AP)

Subtle dressing was not something we saw much of in Paris this season, and Thom Browne’s show was no exception.

Browne’s spin on power dressing involved a simply ginormous bow, which completed his vision of the modern Marie Antoinette.

6. Tartan trouser-boots

Unless you’re well-acquainted with the ins and outs of the fashion industry, chances are you haven’t heard of the brand Y/Project. Beloved by the style crowd, it’s probably less understood by us average Joes.

This season, the Y/Project runway featured baggy tartan trousers and boots in one, as well as heeled Uggs. Give us strength.

7. The Dior logo saddlebag

Dior saddle bag
(Morgan O’Donovan/PA)

We’re now used to models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid showing their love for Nineties fashion on Instagram, but Dior is now taking things one step further and is trying to bring back the Noughties.

Remember the iconic Dior logo saddlebag we all lusted over at the start of the century? Well, apparently it’s back – let’s just hope you didn’t chuck yours out if you had one.

8. Gigantic hats

We’ve got to hand it to Jacquemus. We appreciate the effort to make the modern woman more sun safe, what with this ludicrously large sun hat.

Even though you might be protected from the deadly rays, we can’t say that this creation will be particularly easy to pack in your holiday suitcase.

9. Glittery faces

Giambattista Valli
(Thibault Camus/AP)

While we look to some runways for beauty inspiration, we’re not sure that we’ll be seeing people recreating the make-up from Giambattista Valli’s show – make-up artist Val Garland covered the models’ faces entirely with glitter.

That’s not to say it wasn’t amazing – it’s just not very practical.

Apparently Garland covered each woman’s face with MAC lip conditioner (£13) and then blew on glitter until it stuck.

Glitter seems to be something of a trend in Paris – we also saw some pretty cool holographic shiny lips on the runway at Maison Margiela.

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