High street favourite CONFIRMS itís CLOSING its Irish store

9th Jan 18 | News

After weeks of speculation, the company have confirmed they are closing their Irish store and staff are not happy.

Forever 21 has become a solid staple store for many shoppers since it opened its only Irish store in the Jervis Shopping Centre back in 2010.

But after weeks of speculation, the US fashion giant has confirmed they will pull the plug on their only Irish store and staff are not happy.

According to the Independent.ie massive losses have led to the decision for Forever 21 Fashion Ireland Ltd to close its doors.

The fashion retailer has recorded a loss of €4.5m at the end of February 2016.

Combining the €4.5m with previous recorded losses and the forecasted costs of closing the store, the company will be left with €44m in losses in total.

The independent.ie reports that the Forever 21 2016 accounts state: "As part of an overall strategic review of the group's operations in Ireland, a decision has been taken by the board, subsequent to the year end, to cease operations and close its only store operating in Ireland."

Staff are reportedly unhappy at their treatment by the company and reached out to Mandate Trade Union for help.

In a statement to RSVP Live the Trade Union stated: "Mandate Trade Union has condemned U.S. multinational retailer Forever 21 for refusing their workers the right to be represented by their trade union during the closure of its only Irish store."

"An announcement today (Tuesday, 9 January 2018), which came as a surprise to the 82 workers in Forever 21, said that €13 million had been put aside to fund the closure of the Dublin outlet - some of which is to be set aside for redundancies."

"However, it appears the company will only be imposing the minimum statutory redundancy of two weeks per year of service."

"Mandate members in the store say they are deeply disappointed that a profitable global retailer is refusing to engage with their workers’ chosen union in order to negotiate redundancy packages."

Forever 21 opened it’s Dublin branch back in 2010 and it was the company’s first European store.