8 of the worst and weirdest fashion trends from 2017

29th Dec 17 | Beauty

Let's just say that not everything has been a sartorial slam dunk this year.


By most measures, 2017 has been a pretty disastrous year. Putting politics and global events aside, it’s been a similarly turbulent year for fashion.

Of course, there have been some triumphs – this was, after all, the year that reunited the original supermodels on the Versace catwalk. However, not all fashion trends have quite hit the mark this year – there have also been some absolute shockers.

Here are some of the weirdest and most wonderful fads that took off in 2017, that we really hope don’t make it into the new year.

1. Ugly shoes

Did you think fashion was about looking good? Nope – one of the biggest trends this year was for so-called “ugly-fashion.”

This particularly manifested itself in shoes: think chunky trainers which look like something your nan would wear.


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Labels like Balenciaga and Vetements popularised ugly sneakers, and soon you couldn’t move for people copying the trend.

However, one thing this trend does have going for it is comfort. If you’re willing to look ridiculous, you’ll be both bang on trend and able to walk for miles.

2. Newsboy hats

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If you’re the kind of person who dreams of emulating Oliver Twist in your fashion looks, no doubt you were thrilled at the rising popularity of newsboy hats in 2017.

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But for everyone else – even the hottest models couldn’t convince us that newsboy hats were cool. Sorry Emily Ratajkowski, a jazzy pattern and a funky swimsuit can’t convince us either.

3. Tracksuits

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We love a tracksuit, we really do – but only when lounging about the house watching re-runs of Come Dine With Me.

What we don’t love is when people forget that trackies should only be worn on the sofa. In fact, many off-duty models and other style stars have started wearing their matching sweats outside.


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Not only this, but they’ve also been styling them with heels/trainers/jewellery, like they’re actually legitimate sartorial choices.

Don’t even get us started about the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit’s return to the limelight.

4. Crocs

When you think of terrible shoes, most of us would immediately conjure up an image of Crocs. There’s a reason that the phrase, “If Mondays were shoes, they’d be Crocs” is a thing.

And yet, somehow, they’ve managed to make their way into fashion.

How? Well, we have Christopher Kane to blame for this. He’s been sending customised Crocs down the runway for a few seasons now, and inexplicably people actually seem to like it.

We’ve seen more and more people wearing them (often paired with socks – yuck), and then this year Balenciaga even debuted the monstrosity that is platform Crocs.

5. Slogan tees… and more

2017 was really the year of the slogan t-shirts, jumpers, hats, trousers, bags… slogans have been on absolutely everything.

We’re not saying that items of clothing with words emblazoned across them are bad. However, what we do hold issue with is clothes that have slogans which make absolutely zero sense. We’re talking phrases like, “My best friend is a mermaid,” “What you feel is what you get” and “Have a nice day, just kidding.”

The fashion industry has also made a show of being more #woke this year (being ‘aware’ of what’s going on in the world/community), leading to a lot of items proclaiming, “we should all be feminists” or simply”feminist.”

We’re all for fashionistas becoming more socially conscious, but are slogan t-shirts really going to help achieve gender equality?

6. Clear panel ‘mom’ jeans

This particular sartorial travesty came courtesy of Topshop, who apparently decided that average ‘mom’ jeans were so 2016 – instead, they decided to update the look by inserting clear plastic windows into the knees.

As with all crazy fashion trends, of course there were some who actually liked the look of them. Maybe those people are just super proud of their knees and want the opportunity to show them off?

But for everyone else, it was an overwhelming “no thanks”.

7. Overly long sleeves

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You would think that sleeves so long that they pass the tips of your fingers would be impractical, and you would be right – but practicalities were never something that the fashion industry cared too much about.

Unsurprisingly, super-long sleeves were popularised by none other than Vetements, the French design collective behind many of the year’s silliest trends.

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It also feeds in to another big fad of the year: oversized anything. We’re talking baggy hoodies, large t-shirts and basically anything that is a few sizes too big. If it’s not a flattering look on supermodels, the rest of us mere mortals don’t stand a chance.

8. Sock boots

There are few unions so unholy as that between socks and boots. Why someone looked at a boot and thought that it should more closely resemble a sock is beyond us, but apparently it was a trend that many people were loving this year. Let’s hope they’re forgotten come 2018.

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