9 guaranteed-to-please gifts for the stylish guys in your life

5th Dec 17 | Beauty

Struggling to decide what to buy a fashion-conscious fella for Christmas? We've got it covered.

Great present.

‘Men are so hard to buy for’ is a line that’s heard this time of year almost as often as, ‘All I want for Christmas is yoooouuuuu’, as you dash around the shops desperately looking for something that will please your Dad/big bro/boyfriend/that cousin you haven’t seen in years…

And if the man in question is one who prides himself on being a dedicated follower of fashion, then you’ve really got to up your game (or put the receipt in with the card and accept that your carefully chosen gift is going straight back to the shop on Boxing Day).

Man and woman exchanging Christmas gifts (Thinkstock/PA)

Help is at hand, however. We’ve trawled the seasonal offerings of a host of retailers to find the presents that will delight even the most demanding dudes.

You’ll find no novelty socks here, only the most stylish clothes and accessories, from winter warmers to travel essentials and even Uggs for men (yes, really).

Here are nine fail-safe gift ideas for the fashionable (and fickle) fellas in your life…

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1. For the guy who’s always on trend…

River Island Brown Faux Suede Borg Collar Biker Jacket
(River Island/PA)

River Island Brown Faux Suede Borg Collar Biker Jacket, £85

2. For the eco warrior…

Tom Cridland Seville Orange 30 Year Sweatshirt
(Tom Cridland/PA)

Tom Cridland Seville Orange 30 Year Sweatshirt, £69

3. For the minimalist man…

Eone Unisex The Bradley Edge Watch

Eone Unisex The Bradley Edge Watch, £255, WatchShop

4. For the ski fanatic…

Zakti Airly Thermo II Tech Red Hoodie

Zakti Airly Thermo II Tech Red Hoodie, currently reduced to £29.99 from £49.99

5. For the jet-setter…

Paul Costelloe Black Leather Holdall
(Paul Costelloe/PA)

Paul Costelloe Black Leather Holdall, £99.99, TK Maxx

6. For the classic gent…

Gant Check Lamswool Scarf

Gant Check Lamswool Scarf, £55, Amara

7. For the travel addict…

Reef Knots Men's Dark Blue Lobster Swim Shorts
(Reef Knots/PA)

Reef Knots Men’s Dark Blue Lobster Swim Shorts, £79

8. For the outdoorsy type…

Hunter Backpack
(House of Fraser/PA)

Hunter Backpack, £115, House of Fraser

9. For the footwear fan…

Ugg Men's Maksim Ankle Boots

Ugg Men’s Maksim Ankle Boots, £110, Amara

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