People think this £1,800 Balenciaga skirt looks suspiciously like a car mat

30th Oct 17 | Beauty

It's even called the 'car design skirt'.


There are few things less glamorous than a car mat. You know the one: the rubber slab of material that protects your car from mud and grime, that you have to shake out every so often?

Well, it would seem like Balenciaga really don’t agree with this sentiment, and have used the humble car mat as inspiration for one of their skirts.

Balenciaga skirt (Balenciaga/PA)

The fashion house isn’t even shy about where the inspiration comes from, calling it the ‘car design skirt’.

This high fashion car mat will set you back a cool £1,795, but many people think you could save yourself a bit of cash and make your own.

Some even think there are certain elements missing to complete this automobile chic look.

If you aren’t quite ready to go full-throttle with the car mat look, maybe ease yourself into the trend with the silver and green versions…

Balenciaga skirt (Balenciaga/PA)
Balenciaga skirt (Balenciaga/PA)

Or you could just spray-paint your own mats and save some serious cash; it’s up to you.

Sure, it sounds a little silly – but you never know, it could catch on.

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